Letters to the Editor, January 27, 2021

Debit card is legit

Some people have received an Economic Impact debit card instead of a stimulus check like last time. Do not discard it. You can take it to your bank and have them deposit it into your account or use it where Visa is accepted. Many still received a direct deposit into their account but others received the debit card. 

You can call the number on the back of the card to verify. The number is 1-800-240-8100/TTY:.1-800-241-9100 See below for links that answer questions about the debit card which I received from Congressman Huffman’s office. These links will answer your questions about how the card works and what to expect in the future. This is a must read!



Paul Nicholson

Antifa, meet Insurrectionist

There are news reports that rioters in Portland and Seattle, taking a cue from the insurrectionist mob in Washington D.C., vandalized and spray painted Antifa anti Biden, anti Democrat graffiti the very first day of his presidency. 

I hope locals who sympathize with either ideology won’t have hurting feelings if I point out they are two peas in a pod. Antifa, meet Insurrectionist. Mom says lunch is ready, You want it in your room or at the table?

John Dillon

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Do unto others...

I was raised in a home without religion. We did not go to church or pray or espouse any religious beliefs. In later years, when hard pressed, our mother claimed a sort of Agnosticism; a belief in an unseen, unnamed, benevolent, kind god who was aware of everything. 

At age 8, I was a tall gangly child with dark curly hair, large eyes and brown skin, the result of which was shyness. I have always watched and listened to those around me. 

I was instructed and baptized into the Mormon Church, to please my father’s mother. I dutifully went to the meetinghouse with her. What I heard and witnessed was an appalling combination of bigotry and hatred aimed at a loving and kind woman whose only crime was that she was Samoan. Do unto others…

 I read the English bible as literature, in college, as part of a study of the effects of Judeo-Christian teachings on the religion, morals and politics and the formation of our Western cultures from the Greeks to the Americas. 

I was privileged to share a Friday night meal, for many months, at the Dominican Priory in Berkeley, the home of visiting Catholic Scholars when they taught at UC. These were men of towering intellect and unshakable faith. 

I visited the Glide Memorial Church of the Reverend Cecil Williams, the Church of Satan starring Anton LaVey and I was once persuaded to step inside the Peoples Temple amid those under the spell of Jim Jones. There you have the good, the bad and the truly evil. Do unto others…

 My husband’s sister “kept kosher” for her Orthodox father-in-law and his lovely, haunted wife who was a survivor of the Auschwitz camp. I have been to Temple and celebrated Passover and Chanukah with a family of true believers. A large part of my extended family is of the Catholic Faith. Marriage, births and deaths were celebrated by various masses. There is pomp and ceremony and true faith. 

I must say that I prefer all of this in the old way, in Latin. Latin brings a reverence to the words that in English, or Spanish, or Tagalog just sound repetitive. These are loving and mostly kind people who truly try to live by the Golden Rule, do unto others…

But I am often confused by Christians. On Wednesday I watched the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States. The dais was full of well-wishers including six Justices of the Supreme Court. The three newest members of the court stood somewhat apart and without masks. 

These three people, two of whom profess to be very Catholic, all of whom profess deep and abiding religiosity, apparently could not figure out how to bow their heads in prayer at the benediction or the prayer offered up by the incoming President. 

The camera panned in their direction, often, because their rudeness was notable. They may as well have been wearing signs around their necks saying “we didn’t want to be here but Justice Roberts made us come”. Do unto others…

The ink was hardly dry on the inauguration proclamation before a U.S. senator said, for all to hear, especially reporters, that we don’t need another stimulus package. Senator Mitt Romney (R) of Utah was very busy telling anyone who would listen that the country does not need another bail-out. 

How would he know? The very wealthy career politician, the son of a very wealthy career politician, has never gone hungry. He has never had to huddle with his wife in the dark, whispering so as not to wake the children, trying to figure out how to feed them. 

How do you keep a roof over your family’s head, food in the pantry and the heat on if you have not had a job for over a year? Mitt Romney has never had to face these catastrophic problems. 

And I say unto you, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Amen.

 Jan Phelps

Sturdy chairs available 

The McKinleyville Senior Center is getting ready to reopen whenever we are given full compliance verification from the County. 

Until then, we are offering all our heavy-duty chairs and tables for sale at VERY reasonable prices at the Center on Fridays from now until they are gone, beginning on January 29. 

They will be out in front of the Center on sunny days (while the COVID-19 testing is happening in the parking lot) or behind the Center under the overhang in back facing Pierson Park. If you would like more than one of anything bring a truck… we can’t deliver. 

The tables are foldable and sturdy. Everyone says the chairs are comfy and stackable. I tried, and I can’t figure out how to do it. Also, anyone can afford these tables and chairs. If you have an organization that is in need, bring a truck… If you have any questions, please contact me at (707) 845-2817.

Thank you all again for your generous support of our Pennies to Twenties donation drive. Those little green jars are filling up and I am out of words to describe how grateful we are for your support. 

As many of you know the MSC was started with a penny drive and has been supported solely by fundraising and donations since its beginning, so this resurgence of pennies and actual twenties is really something special, with a little nostalgia added. 

Thank You!
Mr. Rene Quintana, executive director
Patti Stammer, Boardmember


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One Comment;

  1. Karen Davidson said:

    Dear Editor,
    We are farmers living in the greenbelt west of Arcata and while we love Arcata, as farmers there is value in remaining county land. We just discovered that our farm has been annexed as part of the City without our knowledge, or that of our neighbors.

    After 16 years of public hearings for the Creek Side Homes project, with no discussion of annexing us or our neighbors, the entire project was changed after both the Planning Commission and the City Council voted. This was not done by a city council vote, and appears to have been premeditated by Director Loya, who knew we would object to annexation if it was a part of the City process. So he hid his intent to annex us until the month after the City Council approved the project, and then changed the project description to include annexing us and our neighboring farm land for introduction to the last step in annexation–the LAFCo hearing. How can it be legal? We do not believe it is.

    Your paper does a good job of keeping us aware of representative politics and the value of having one’s voice heard.
    We were at all publicized council meetings in 2019 and 2020 about Creekside Homes Development. We were not happy with some choices but we did get to speak, and accepted the results. Director Loya apparently did not accept the results, and made unethical choices that were kept secret from both the City Council and the land owners.

    This ANNEXATION of our farm and our neighbors seems very wrong because we were never informed.
    We know the various ways this will make it harder for us to maintain goats, pigs, cows, chickens and turkeys on the land if it is city land. We also know how much people love the animals and visit them daily. They have been a sane patch in a crazy time.
    I have watched hundreds of parents stop by Polly’s pen to feed the old goat. The pumpkin patch sold out.

    I believe Arcata needs this green space more than it needs whatever Director Loya and DANCO have in mind.

    Karen Davidson