Letters to the Editor, February 26, 2020: One last blast of wonderful voting advice

Why Measure R is essential for safety

My name is Russell Kadle and I am a member of your Arcata Fire Protection District. As you may have read, the Arcata Fire District is placing Measure R on the ballot for the March primary elections. If Measure R is approved during the March elections one of the uses of the generated funds is for improving the staffing of the district’s fire engines. 

Now you may be asking why this is needed. Well, the Arcata Fire District protects the five communities of Jacoby Creek, Arcata, Manila, Mad River and McKinleyville from three fire stations one in downtown Arcata, one by Mad RIver Community Hospital, and the Headquarters Station on Central Avenue in McKinleyville. 

Each fire station is staffed by only two members of the fire department this crew is comprised of a company officer and a firefighter for a total of six professional firefighters ready to respond to your emergency 24/7, 365 days a year. 

However, this is well below what the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) recommends for staffing of a fire apparatus. NFPA is responsible for setting the industry standards of the fire service and they recommend that a type 1 fire engine be staffed by a minimum of four firefighters. 

What this means is that even though your firefighters are devoted to providing you with the highest level of care, they are stretched thin. Now this situation could be made even more drastic by the financial crisis the district now currently finds itself in. 

If Measure R fails, then the district will be forced into making the difficult decision to close a fire station and layoff firefighters, leaving just four firefighters to protect our five communities. 

This would not only jeopardize firefighter safety on scene of an emergency but more importantly it would be a disservice to you the residents of our district who we have sworn to protect and deserve the highest level of service. 

This is why we are asking for your support in passing Measure R. If we are successful in March the district plans on restoring three frozen firefighter positions which will allow the district to bring the staffing on one of the fire engines up to three firefighters which is closer to that industry standard and will relieve the excess workload off of the other firefighters, and increasing the level of service we can provide. 

Vote yes on Measure R!

Russell Kadle

Fix Fickle Hill parking

My good fortune has let me live on Fickle Hill for over three decades. During that time however, I have personally witnessed at least eight traffic accidents and have seen remnants of many, many more. Anyone who walks, bikes or drives this steep winding road knows it is dangerous.

My friend and neighbor Laura McNulty is the latest Fickle Hill Road casualty. She is now suffering from serious injuries after colliding with a car backing out of the Arcata Community Forest parking area. Laura lives on her bike and knows the road well.

It is long past time the City of Arcata takes public safety more seriously. This is a known hazard area. A few years back a young woman was tragically killed when she lost control of her bike after hitting a piece of pavement that had been left un-repaired for months just a couple hundred feet from Laura’s accident. Directly across the street from this dangerous parking area guardrails were put in only after numerous collisions with neighbor’s fences.

This Arcata Community Forest parking area would never pass the most basic safety standards and as far as I know was never approved or permitted. There is a city installed sign that actually tells drivers to back into a graveled wide spot in the road at the bottom of a steep, blind corner. Those who don’t see the sign or don’t feel comfortable backing across downhill traffic pull straight in. To get out they have to back out into the blind, steep roadway. That is what happened to Laura.

This popular gateway into the public trails needs to have properly engineered parking and access. A few trees may need to be removed but it could be done aesthetically and may save the lives of our loved ones.

Laura, we wish you the speediest of recoveries to get you back to your bright, beautiful, Amazon woman self.

Uri Driscoll

Rex listens, acts

I met Rex Bohn in my early teens, as he was always out in the community doing auctions and supporting events that my siblings and I were involved in, especially at Redwood Fields. Today, my children are involved in soccer and baseball, and Rex is still out at the ballfields every weekend. Rex is a huge part of the community, helping keep the kids motivated and engaged in healthy activities. 

Something people might not know is every Christmas morning Rex drives around Humboldt County in his Santa suit and helps make the joy of Christmas come alive for children. 

I run a small family business and understand that a business needs to bring in more income than its expenses. Humboldt County is like a business, and one of the Supervisor’s role is to maintain a balanced budget, which means we have to bring in more money if we want more services. 

Growing up on a cattle ranch in Bear River, we’re often calling Rex about the Wild Cat Road, he always answers the phone and always listens. He can’t make promises that we’re going to have a new highway, but I’ve seen improvements to the road from Measure Z and understand that Rex is working to bring new state funds into the county to help with infrastructure and road improvements. 

I am glad Rex stuck with his vote on the Humboldt Wind Project, although the project wasn’t popular, it would have brought new tax dollars and renewable energy to Humboldt County.

Thank you,
Catherine Sundquist

Correcting the Rexcord 

Regarding David Holpers letter to the editor Feb. 9, he states, among other inaccuracies, about Rex Bohn:

“How about someone who has repeatedly said that he built Redwood Fields in Cutten, even when that story isn’t really true (it was former Supervisor Stan Dixon who did that, by the way)”.

This statement is totally inaccurate. In numerous meetings with Louisiana Pacific, negotiating the donation of the land, Rex convinced Louisiana Pacific to make the donation, and no one else.

Anyone who was involved in the project knows, Rex was responsible almost single handedly for getting the field built. Rex pushed, cajoled, and convinced local businesses to donate money and services to build the field. 

Ask anyone from Mercer Fraser, Eureka Ready Mix, RAO Construction, O&M Industries, Maples Plumbing, John Peterson Construction, Humboldt Builders Exchange and over 500 individuals who contributed. 

Rex says, “I did not build the field, the community did.” While that is true, it was Rex who was almost single handedly responsible for mobilizing the community effort, and without Rex, I don’t believe we would have this beautiful facility. While I remember many of the good things Stan Dixon did, Redwood Fields was not one of them. 

Thanks Rex, for your vision of building the Redwood Fields and your timeless effort as County Supervisor. I’m supporting Rex Bohn for supervisor and I urge you to do the same.

Mike Finley

Rex is Cliff’s copycat

Well, if imitation is the highest form of flattery, I guess Rex Bohn thinks pretty highly of Cliff Berkowitz! 

I’m getting a kick out of watching him steal one good idea after another from Cliff, without once giving Cliff credit for being first with the ideas. 

Climate change. Sea-level rise. Solar power. His vision for Humboldt. 

All of these were issues Cliff talked and wrote about long before his opponent started promoting them as his own. 

Now, most recently, he’s touting the (excellent) idea of a Tribal Liaison, an idea that Cliff first put forth upon the suggestion of Cheryl Seidner. 

I’m on pins and needles, waiting to see which piece of Cliff’s platform the incumbent steals next! Seems he’s confused politics with baseball, stealing ideas like they were bases. Sorry, but that’s not the ethical way to home base. 

Vote Cliff for the win for First District County Supervisor!

Karen Abler

Rex is for everyone

I’ve heard Rex Bohn’s opponent talk about the many things he will get done, but never explain how he will do them or how we will pay for it. 

Rex has proven he can get things done for everyone in Humboldt County, not just for the “Good ol’ boys.” 

I want a known entity and a proven leader to represent Humboldt County, not someone who gives empty promises about trending topics just to influence voters.

Vote Rex Bohn on March 3rd.

Les Charter

Cliff for Supervisor

Fortunately, I have a candidate for 1st District Supervisor that will confidently get my vote. That candidate is Cliff Berkowitz. He can be trusted to make responsible, educated decisions that will be in the best interest of the entire county. Cliff has a history

of genuine, hands-on community support. Berkowitz has been actively involved in community service for 25 years.

 • Started Stop the Violence campaign and the Healing Breakfasts

  Supports Food for People and Stand Down

• Long time MC with his wife, Amy, for the Kinetic Grand Championship Race

• Volunteered for years with the Redwood Coast Music Festivals

• Has worked many hours during crises to provide resources and information

 Cliff Berkowitz teaches communication skills at HSU. His openness and transparency in communication will complement his effectiveness as your next 1st District Supervisor.

If you are interested in a representative that recognizes that the county needs to continue working for innovative solutions to Humboldt’s pressing challenges, I encourage you to vote for Cliff Berkowitz; vote for a change. Cliff4supervisor.com.

 Bruce Hitchko, retired educator; retired BTJ pipefitter, Local 342

McK Community Choir thanks

For the last 15 years the McKinleyville Community Choir has been the weekly guest of Grace Good Shepherd Church in McKinleyville. 

Currently there are about 65 folks who gather every Monday evening to sing in harmony, beauty and love. The range of music includes Swing, Latin, R& , Classical, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Pop. 

Singing is good for you, relieving stress and anxiety, improving the quality of sleep and body’s immune system. Hundreds in our community have benefited from singing and listening to the choir’s music. Grace Good Shepherd has been our home and has enabled this magic to occur for all these 15 years. 

The GGS Community is very special in its amazing commitment to community building and serving ALL people. For years it has hosted food banks, the Family Resources Center, Head Start and Early Head Start, the County’s Women, Infant and Children food program. AA, community organizing meetings, Friday open men’s breakfast group, Thursday night open mic, QiGong, meditation, parenting education and more.

The GGS community truly reflects the best of humanity, a moving expression of love, deep compassion and peacefulness. We in the McKinleyville Community Choir are so very grateful to this wonderful community of kindness that welcomes us each week. 

Grace Good Shepherd Church (a partnership of Presbyterians and Lutherans) is a treasure to the greater community of Humboldt. It is a group whose everyday actions work to bring people together in harmony. Thank You GGS.

For all the singers and lovers of music,
Siddiq Kilkenny, MCC board president

LatinX community thanks

Muchas Gracias to the Clarke Museum for hosting a panel presentation this past Saturday entitled “Ebb and Flow of Immigration in Humboldt.” 

Three members from Centro del Pueblo spoke to an audience of about 30 interested people about the important and vital role the immigrant indigenous community has played in both the past and the present of Humboldt County. 

I’m sure that most of the other people there had a similar lack of knowledge about this issue that I did. 

It is imperative that we support our immigrant neighbors (many whom have lived here much longer than I have) in this time of too much divisiveness. 

Please consider making a donation to Centro del Pueblo (CdPueblo.com) to support the important work they do.

Another thank you goes out to the office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at HSU for the fabulous free Mexican Folklorico concert that took place on campus on Saturday evening. The dancers (local and from San Jose) were amazing. 

I never cease to be amazed at the high quality of cultural and educational events that we have accessible to us in this semi rural area. How fortunate we are.

Lorraine B. Miller-Wolf

Pete trumps Rush

As one might expect, Rush Limbaugh is no supporter of gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. He has attacked him on air saying, “America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage.” 

Similarly he’s said, “OK, how’s this going to look? Thirty-seven-year-old gay guy kissing his husband on stage, next to Mr. Man, Donald Trump.”

Let’s examine this. Limbaugh is a man who has been spewing invective for decades, been married four times with three divorces, and been arrested for prescription drug charges though eventually dismissed through rehab.

Then there’s Trump. He’s been divorced twice, had six corporations go bankrupt, had over another dozen Trump-named businesses fail, and brags about how he’s able to grope women.

So we have a less than moral talk show host criticizing a gay man for kissing his spouse on stage who also asks how would this look happening next to Trump, our equally immoral president?

Given a moral compass, I think an impartial voter would conclude that Buttigieg stands far above both men. And if Buttigieg does get the nomination, we may get to learn if there’s any truth in what Limbaugh thinks at all.

Sherman Schapiro



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