Letters to the Editor, February 12, 2020

Measure R keeps stations open, staffed

Did you know that you have a fire department? How often do you need the fire department? If you have an emergency and do need them, it’s nice to have the security in knowing you have a professional, well trained fire department that will be responding quickly to help you. Arcata Fire District covers 62 square miles and is an all risk agency. Within that we are five communities, three stations, and one district. Currently the District is facing one of its biggest challenges of trying to maintain emergency services and we need our communities help.

 Measure R is the solution! With the success of Measure R, it would allow Arcata Fire to keep all stations open and continue to respond to your emergencies in a timely manner. Furthermore, it would also keep fire insurance premiums to the property owner low. Due to the multiple devastating forest fires California is known for nationally, fire insurance premiums are projected to dramatically increase for the property owner and a successful Measure R would hopefully keep Arcata Fire’s insurance rating steady. For less than a cup of coffee a day you would be supporting your fire department in maintaining its quick response to your emergency.

Now, I know you’re wondering what the other side of this would look like. What if Measure R is not successful? If Measure R fails, your fire district would be forced to close a station. The impact of closing a fire station would mean longer response times for life threatening emergencies that are extremely time sensitive. For incidents such as structure fires and rescues the need for highly trained personnel is paramount. If Measure R is unsuccessful it would reduce the number of on duty staff and would be detrimental to the safety of the community.

As our community grows the Fire District needs to grow with it. We alone cannot protect our community without your support. Please help us in securing a safer future for all of us who live, raise our families and work in our community. Please vote YES on Measure R.

Nathan Padula

The dangers of fluoride

As a strong proponent of getting fluoride out of public water everywhere, it was disappointing to watch Arcata’s City Council meeting on Feb. 5. The council had the opportunity to give the voters the choice of taking fluoride out of the water but it was obvious they are afraid to put themselves in the firing line of the medical and dental establishments. The populace of this city never had a choice as to whether they wanted their water fluoridated to begin with. A City Council decided it was best to just begin adding fluoride to the water without consulting Arcata’s citizens back in 1956. After recently going through the political upheaval regarding the removal the McKinley statue I think we are all pretty aware of how decisions made at one point in time may later prove to be decisions we need to revisit and maybe even reverse. Fluoridating public water is a clear cut example of government overreach and for that reason alone the citizenry should have an opportunity to become currently informed and vote on it every election cycle. I think a good recompense for the transgression of initiating water fluoridation without public approval would be for the City Council to automatically put a ballot measure giving the citizens choice every election cycle. More evidence comes to light all the time and it would be a good admittance that at least our local government does not know what the truth is for sure, which they don’t. As Benjamin Franklin said, “when in doubt, don’t”

I could go on about how the argument for keeping fluoride in (preventing cavities in underprivileged children) seems at least to me, a very weak one considering all the other health problems it most probably is causing for everyone, yes even said underprivileged children. In addition common sense tells me that adding an industrial toxic waste product into all the water everywhere cannot be good for the ecosystem.

When fearing to question the authority of our government or any establishment, please remember that there are big problems that our government is helping to cause and then ignore which are harming, humans, creatures and the whole ecosystem. We are currently killing off our bee population, allowing fracking which will further poison our water, and of course there is Monsanto’s GMOs which at the very least is discouraging organic farming to ever be truly effective. Always question the authority of a government or a government agency which are all basically ruled by corporations, big business, and the root of all evil, money!

Resources regarding the dangers of fluoridated water: Fluoridealert.org; A Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett

Dana Quillman

Rex listens, cares and acts

I’ve known Rex for many years. When Rex was working in the private sector, our businesses crossed paths, and always with a good experience. What really got me to rally behind Rex, was during a period of time when Rex, myself and many other community people worked together with Paulette Gilliam on Socks for Soldiers. This was a community project which sent thousands of care packages over the years to our troops deployed overseas. It was during this time that I more fully understood Rex’s dedication to our community and in helping others in need.

As a Supervisor, Rex continues to be dedicated to his community and serving his constituent’s needs. Folks can call or send an email, Rex listens, offers his insight, and then lets people know what is and is not possible. He can’t make promises, and might not tell you what you want to hear. He does his best to understand your concerns, and helps you understand which agency might be able to help.

I’ve observed him over the past eight years, as my elected representative, and continue to see that he is doing a good job for those of us in District 1, and in the county as a whole. Rex has had my support the past two elections, and will again on March 3.

Dennis DelBiaggio

Rex Bohn is here for you

My family, and my daughter’s family, lost our homes during the Camp Fire in Paradise. Both my daughter and I were teachers. The fire took our elementary school where we worked, and we needed to relocate. In January, my daughter was offered a teaching job in Eureka. To be closer to our grandchild, my husband and I decided that we, too, would move to Eureka.

I met Supervisor Rex Bohn when we bought our house in Cutten. Rex and the whole neighborhood came over and welcomed us. People talked to us about the town, and told us, “We’re here for you!” It is because of the welcome we received from our neighbors, that we’re able to finally think and feel that it is possible to start over.

As Rex’s neighbor, we know when he leaves and returns, and we’ve never seen anyone work so hard for his community. It is a seven days a week job. We’re very impressed.

One of the things I’ve come to understand is that Rex has helped organize convoys of supplies from Humboldt to people effected by the Camp Fire, as well as for those who suffered losses in the Mendocino, Sonoma, and Carr Fires. Receiving help after suffering such severe loss was both humbling and reassuring that we can overcome this tragedy.

From someone new to this community, I can’t thank Rex enough for his support. I am happy to cast my first vote for Humboldt County Supervisor for Rex Bohn.

Katy Schrum

‘Donald O.J. Trump’

Senate Republicans openly admit
To Traitor Trump’s obvious guilt.
But no witnesses, no documents,
And no real trial was allowed?
No profiles in courage amongst
This cowardly conservative crowd!
Except for Utah’s Mitt Romney and
Alabama Democrat Doug Jones.
Trump’s half of the U.S. Senate
Might as well quit and go home.
Blue Tidal Wave on the way in Nov.
GOP goes home return to sender!
No coincidence that Donald Trump,
Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime,
Hired Epstein’s defense attorneys
Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr
To spin, obfuscate and lie, lie, lie!
Even if Pres. Orange Julius Caesar
Got in a white Ford Bronco
With Al Cowlings & fled the cops
Headed straight towards Mexico,
The GOP-controlled U.S. Senate
Would simply refuse to convict.
Donald Trump’s gloves did not fit,
So Senate jurors must acquit?
Where have I heard this all before?
Anyone else remember 1994?
Then O.J. Simpson’s trial in 1995?
Forever hereafter he’ll be known as
Putin’s puppet Donald O.J. Trump
The guiltiest unjailed criminal alive!

Jake Pickering

Astronomic dislike

One can find many surveys that attempt to measure just how unfavorably president Trump is seen. 

If you believe a recent survey by the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, the opinion of many Democrats is indeed very dark.

It found that 64 percent of New Hampshire Democrats would prefer “a giant meteor strikes the Earth, extinguishing all human life” rather than see President Trump be re-elected. 

Thinking about it, I often feel this way myself. Do you agree?

Sherman Schapiro





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