Letters to the Editor, Feb. 6, 2019

KHSU lockout a major unsolved mystery

“Arcata is not safe for the public after 10 p.m.” This is not an attribution that can be substantiated; yet, this is the message delivered by the administration of Humboldt State (HSU). 

What? The reason given for the lockout of the studio of our community radio station (after 10 p.m. till the morning) is because people are at risk after 10 p.m., specifically along L.K. Wood Boulevard, near Sunset Avenue, Arcata. 

I had been wondering why none of my favorite deejays EVER answer the phone from 10 p.m. to midnight -- it turns out they are not there! 

Shocking. Everyone should inquire with the administration as to what data it has refered to in making this assessment. (For many years, I had music shows from midnight to 3 a.m., 10 p.m. to midnight, and in the afternoon. I never felt unsafe.) 

So, what is up? Do HSU recruiters tell prospective students that this campus and city are more dangerous than L.A., Chico, San Jose, S.F., Sacramento, Santa Cruz? Please just make a couple of inquiries. Why is HSU doing this, really? 

Don’t bother asking the risk manager about it, the policy did not come from that office. 

I won’t even start on the very real issue of no personnel being present in the studio in the event of a public-safety situation after an earthquake, a roadway issue, fire, etc. 

Who is handcuffing station personnel and locking the doors on our communuty resource? 

Honestly, I am scratching my head trying to fathom this policy. What was the true inception of this type of thinking?

Eugene Biggins

Flipper may again become America’s hero

Back in the 1960s, if you heard the word “flipper” you most likely thought of the action TV show that featured a dolphin with the same name. 

But these days, because of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, this word has acquired a different interpretation altogether.

A number of individuals involved with President Trump or his 2016 campaign have been charged by Mueller including Trump’s personal fixer, Attorney Michael Cohen and Trump’s long-time friend and political consultant, Roger Stone. 

In particular, concerning these two, the press is focused on the questions will they “flip” on the president, and if so, should he be worried?

So what does it mean to flip? If Cohen and Stone tell the truth, then it can only be construed as flipping by someone who has been lying all along a nd is now being contradicted by their testimony. Certainly Trump could qualify to be a candidate for this, and if he is contradicted, he indeed would have a basis for worry.

On the other hand, if Trump and his campaign have been truthful in claiming they have done nothing to encourage Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election (i.e., commit collusion), then this testimony should instead help to exonerate them.

Returning to the 1960s, Flipper was always everyone’s hero. And today, once we find out where the truth lies, we should know if Cohen and Stone qualify as flippers and whose heroes they might turn out to be.

Sherman Schapiro
Blue Lake

Our ‘Come to Jesus’ moment

In case you missed it, something special happened locally around this years Women’s March: authentic dialog around white privilege. As a white male, I choose to be careful commenting about the women’s movement and the effects of white privilege on people of color. As a white male, it would be easier to say nothing. I can’t know what it’s like to belong to either group and my ancestors structured this culture to benefit me as a white male. Though I am not “religious” now, I was taught about Jesus as a child and like Jesus, I want peace for all humankind. So I accept my responsibility to reflect on how white privilege has benefited me and I am trying to understand what life is like here locally for non-white people. I challenge my fellow white men to do the same. I also extend this challenge to white women locally because white privilege transcends gender lines and because, as I read the words of women upset by the women’s march cancellation and subsequent boycott, I can see that reflection is needed. The self declared  “new management” for the local 2019 Women’s March, who could not understand the reasons that compelled to original organizers to hit the pause button, stated in their ad in the North Coast Journal: “what do we want? Intersectional feminism. Why is that so hard?” That is a great question! It gets back to the idea of Jesus’s pure love and desire for peace. It’s easy for us white people to wrap ourselves up in the comfortable idea that we just want peace for everyone. Why can’t we all just get along? Why all the divisiveness? After all, we all want the same thing, right? Let’s check ourselves there. The comfortable space we enjoy all year, by virtue of our white privilege, affords us these luxurious ideas. It’s disrespectful to expect our brothers and sisters of color to come out and “intersect” during our annual show of force. Years of systematic oppression mean that authentic intersectional experiences are going to be the hard won result of humble, courageous, and sustained engagement with the communities experiencing that oppression. For my part, I seek to take responsibility for my ancestors choices so I can learn to be a better ancestor myself. I hope others who benefit from white privilege will do the same.

Dave Carter






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