Letters to the Editor, December 23, 2020

Take the 100-day COVID-19 elimination challenge

Can you imagine a world without COVID-19? Hint: a vaccine alone will not eliminate it, costs more than one can imagine, and has less than perfect efficacy. I, for one, do not want to pay for an abuser who ignores safety and causes suffering, not just to my mind and body, but with my tax money. 

One hundred days. Everyone, man, woman and child, masks up inside walls and spaces not their own. Mask up everywhere outside where people are. Use the labyrinth of layered fibrous masks to capture the little critters and preventing their spread. Sorry, neck warmers, scarves and bandanas do not count. You have to buy toilet paper don’t you? So buy a mask while you are at it, make one, or invest in nice cloth ones. I have 2, one drying while I wear the other, slightly different thicknesses and design depending on the activity.

One hundred days Social distance. Do not do any unnecessary travel. Do not let people in personal space, dwellings or share facilities. Socialize only with mask on, and only in very small numbers, all masked, in the fresh air, away from enclosed areas.

One hundred days Can you imagine, without the human as carrier, can you imagine what would happen? Nothing. And that’s the point. 

COVID-19 will have no place to manifest. Make Covid-19 have nowhere to drift, no petrie dish to grow in. 

The sooner we start, the sooner we really live, not just survive, with the quality of life we crave.

Can you imagine that? 

Kate Hitt
Blue Lake

Prosecute Trump

 Throughout 2020 the mainstream media – until now – has steadfastly avoided reporting the awful truth that has become increasingly obvious and apparent to the American public, as the months pass and the disastrous death toll climbs from COVID-19.

The failed far-right Trump regime’s unofficial policy all along in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic was the so-called public health strategy of herd immunity. This pathetic policy of complete surrender to the coronavirus is a direct result of the racist Republican Party’s malign neglect and “herd mentality,” as deranged Donald Trump himself put it in his now infamous and incredibly incriminating Freudian slip.

Traitor Trump has made it perfectly clear over the course of this conservative-caused catastrophe that he wants, in his own words, a “herd developed” solution to the crisis of his own making. How many times now has diabolical Donald insisted upon the efficacy and acted upon his apparent belief that purposefully increasing public infection rates (and consequently the death rate) is a laudable goal that Trump personally prefers? Videotape doesn’t lie; Donald Trump does.

Over 300,000 Americans are dead, most of whom didn’t have to die! Delusional Donald Trump is directly to blame for this genocidal crime against humanity (not to mention his countless crimes against the Constitution), and this mindless monster Trump must be held accountable – one way or another. It’s up to you, people of America. Do what must be done. If the courts won’t act, we must. History is what we make it.

Being voted out of office in a landslide is insufficient punishment for Vladimir Putin’s puppet Donald Trump. Traitor Trump deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law upon the end of his pathological presidency on January 20, and even someone as stupid and intellectually-challenged as dimwitted Donald knows this, which is of course why desperate Donald doesn’t want to go!

No matter though, because the American people have already spoken and Donald Trump is done, son! No presidential pardon is going to save the Trump Crime Family from state civil and criminal prosecutions, which is why the state of New York will have the final word on the fate of these farcical fascists and their bogus business empire.

Jake Pickering

Lock them all up

For the past four years the Republican administration in the executive branch and both houses of Congress have led lives devoid of consequences. 

They have said and done things that are so illegal it is hard to fathom and yet have not suffered any consequences. Then we come to the election…

There has been much made, recently, about adding questions to the citizenship test that are given to potential naturalized citizens. But what about the Congress?

When I was in high school here in California, every student was required to take a civics class and pass a final in that class that was all encompassing in both federal and state laws. In the California State University system, passing a civics test is required of all graduates. The same for the University of California system. 

Can someone please explain to me how 126 members of the House of Representatives get by without knowing the first thing about the Constitution of the United States?

Here is a hint, boys and girls, how elections are run is up to the individual states. The states are only required to present their Electoral Votes to the Congress. NO STATE can tell ANOTHER STATE, how to conduct elections. Some people think this Texas lawsuit was a political ploy, and of course it was, but it was also a violation of the ethics of the House of Representatives.

Every person serving in the Federal Government, from pages to sanitation workers to the President swears or affirms the following “that I will faithfully execute the Office of (…), and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

This clause is included in the aforementioned Constitution and is known as the “Oath of Affirmation.”

As far as I can tell 126 members of the House failed to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution. Forget about not seating them, each and every one of them should be brought up on an ethics violation. 

They have ALL violated their Oaths of Affirmation. They should all be sent back to their respective states and made to show cause as to why they should not be removed from office. And the representatives from Georgia, Philadelphia, Michigan and Wisconsin should be recalled and dismissed.

It is time for some consequences.

Of course, they all could ask the White House for a pardon. We understand the pardons are going to rain like manna from heaven.

Here we get into a sticky situation. Presidential Pardons can only pardon a person from federal crimes. There will be a legal argument over whether violating your oath of office is a federal or a state crime. I for one think, if you fail in your duties to the electorate of your state, you have committed a state crime that would not be covered by a Federal Pardon. This is where we get to say “LOCK THEM UP.”

If ordinary citizens did any of the things Congress and the White House have done, there would not be enough room in the prison systems.

I realize this will probably not happen, but one can live in hope.

Thank you for listening,
Jan Phelps

Redwood Coast Village thanks

The board and staff of Redwood Coast Village would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the North Coast Co-op’s staff and shoppers. 

We were the beneficiaries of November’s Seeds for Change promotion to the tune of $5,852.17, which will go a long way towards our ability to continue to provide volunteer support designed to help Humboldt seniors stay safe in their own homes and socially connected with others.

Redwood Coast Village takes the old idea of neighbors helping neighbors to the next level by matching vetted volunteers of all ages with members of all income levels to provide rides, shopping, personal check-ins, social activities, and help with home and garden tasks. 

Learn more at redwoodcoastvillage.org.

Pat Bitton
Vice President, Redwood Coast Village Board of Directors


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