Letters to the Editor, December 22, 2017

Keep statue, remove name

Great importance is being placed on the bronze sculpture, placed on elevated pedestal on the Plaza. I feel strongly that memorializing an individual that caused serious harm is a bad practice.

I also believe that a beautiful bronze statue is strong statement of the value of art in our community. I think a much stronger statement this community can make is to orphan the statue. Disown the individual it was erected to memorialize. Remove the attribution.

Never mention the offensive name again. Leave the bronze for what it is. A statue. Remove or replace the attribution so that there is clearly no support for the man and his policies.

My intent with this comment is to encourage an alternative option to be considered. Think of the gains in this path. Significantly less cost. Saving public art which our community prides itself on and has invested in. Very significant statement about memorializing unacceptable individuals.

Peter Brant

Thanks for pitching in

On behalf of Arcata Main Street I would like to extend a giant thank you to everyone who made our Holiday Open House such a success!

From Brendan and his Victorian horse and carriage rides and our Board President Victoria Joyce organizing the riders, to Shoshanna the Snow Queen and her Winter Wonderland with support from Board Member Jenny Kukuk, to our Elves (Rowan, Tommy, Savanimal and Ross) to our tactical planners, decorators, and lighting experts (Board Member Dan Tangney, Amanda Kachevias, Jacob Todd, Bridget Meyer and Bryce Cherpelis of 12BCPro) and who could forget Santa and Mrs. Claus!   

This splendor was accented by pop up performance by Stilt Walkers from the Arcata Playhouse, and the Jacoby Creek School Choir! All of these people help us bring the Season of Wonder and Light to the downtown Arcata district, they make our town shine!

Our downtown business owners and shops kept Arcata beautiful with holiday displays, phenomenal local art and by taking part in our annual window décor competition! Thank you to this year’s winners the Arcata Exchange, The Art Center and Arcata Tuxedo!

Also, thank you to our Judges: Bob Doran (Man About Town), Jazmine Mendoza (marketing director for Los Bagels), Lori Leora (Hands of Time Massage), Coco (Pasta Luego), Brett Watson (Arcata City Council) and Jennifer Kukuk (Manager at US Bank.)

We hope anyone who missed it, will join us for a snowy Arcata Winter Solstice Open House on Friday Dec. 22 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for a snowy return visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, horse and carriage rides and much more! Our events and features are all complimentary (your Oyster Festival dollars at work!) and shops and restaurants are open late the entire weekend before Christmas for your convenience!

And lastly I would like to thank our hard working Board of Directors, who make it all work!

Many wishes of joy to you and yours,
Jeanette Todd
Arcata Main Street

Check the math on The Village

I hope we won’t pretend that there is sound rational for constructing 800 more bed units when HSU’s enrollment is down by 300 expected students? They are struggling to keep a football program that can not support itself. And it now takes 6 years to complete  some degrees instead of four.   

Many students will not continue recognizing they will drown in student loans. They are more likely to go where that can get the classes they need in a timely manner.

They can do math. Sara Turner nailed it in her Dec. 13 letter in the Union.

In McKinleyville, where “Horses (used to) have the right of way” developers there prefer screws to nails as they secure county contracts with a perfunctory nods to standard fair bid practices.

Arcata is awake. Arcata will have them recheck their math before it’s a done deal.

Cindy Siemens

Say no to drug injection program

(The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors was scheduled Dec. 19 to consider sending the following letter to Assemblymember Susan Eggman. – Ed.)

I am writing on behalf of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to express our desire to be removed from Assembly Bill (AB) 186, which would allow certain jurisdictions, including Humboldt, to establish a pilot supervised injection services program.

No county official in Humboldt County was contacted about inclusion in this legislation when it was introduced in the 2017 legislative session. While we appreciate innovative efforts aimed at harm reduction, we believe Humboldt County is not prepared for injection facilities.

Humboldt County is actively working on strategies to address drug addiction but an injection services program is not part of the county’s approach. Please remove Humboldt County from AB 186.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss this matter further.

Virginia Bass
Chair, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors




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