Letters to the Editor, December 12, 2018

Scratch ’n’ save

Charles Darwin said “he was the greatest scientific traveler who ever lived.” 

Thomas Jefferson said “I consider him the most important scientist whom I have met!” These words were spoken about Alexander Von Humboldt. 

Just scratch off William McKinley`s name from the pedestal and carve Humboldt’s name on it. 

People would then know why in 1850 they named the county in his honor. Sure save a ton of money. 

Terry Finigan

You, kind sir, aren’t the one who needs to apologize

Introspection in the time of heavy rain, dark days and bare trees: 

If I have offended anyone in any way, was harsh when I could have been softer, argued when I could have sought common ground, lost my temper or assigned blame instead of seeking a conversation, I sincerely apologize.

When I was insensitive or out of line or acted stupidly, I am sorry. Please forgive me. 

If anyone feels they owe me anything, please don’t feel that way. All debt is forgiven, monetary and otherwise.

Please remember me for my better moments, not my worst.

I wish the best for you and those you love. 

Fhyre Phoenix

Packs of hope thanks

Throughout the week of November 26 through 30, students, families, and community members collaborated and put  together at least 200 Packs of Hope for the victims of the Camp Fire, who will return to school on Monday, December 3. We were able to fill 200 backpacks with everything a student might need on the first day of school... including a $25 gift card in each one! The outpouring was astonishing, and we want to express our gratitude for everyone’s generosity: Coast Central Credit Union, Linda Sundburg Insurance, Northtown Books, Pacific Paper Supply, Schatzi’s Hidden Treasures, and Tin Can Mailman donated cash, books, school and office supplies. Countless individuals made generous financial contributions. Families, students, and staff from Jacoby Creek, McKinleyville Union School District, and Union Street Charter School donated money and supplies. In all, our community contributed over $3,500 in cash and gift cards alone. On Friday, students from McKinleyville Middle School and Union Street Charter assembled the backpacks with supplies, personal notes of encouragement, and gift cards, and the Packs of Hope were delivered to relocation sites in Oroville on Saturday. Many other groups in the community are working to bring donations to the fire victims, and we feel so proud to be a part of this community who, as a whole, has shown so much caring and compassion. Needless to say, the generosity of this community will make the return to normalcy just a little easier for those who lost so much in this devastating and tragic event. Once again, we thank you all.

Very sincerely,
Maureen Taylor, the staff and students of McKinleyville Middle and Union Street (Arcata) Charter Schools


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