Letters to the Editor, August 22, 2018

Trinidad must address housing

Trinidad public officials,

Trinidad residents are looking forward to the General Plan updates and specifically how housing will be addressed for our community. Fort Bragg Calif. (see article link below) is moving forward in positive directions to protect housing stock for residents. Trinidad has not addressed housing stock, or our lack of housing, for years.

Please take a closer look at housing for Trinidad’s current and future residents. When planning for our community,  carefully consider the current proposed development project Reinman 2018-01 in Trinidad that is underway to potentially eliminate our precious and limited housing stock, through:

1. Reducing housing stock by rezoning single family dwelling properties that are currently used as residential housing, Urban Residential (UR) to Planned Development (PD) and potentially converting their use.

2. Conflicted Trinidad ordinances that allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to be converted/operated as short term rentals, and effectively eliminate the intended California state legislation regarding ADUs, specifically created to alleviate the housing crisis in California communities.

Trinidad should not allow conversion of current residential housing UR to PD, to other uses, in the middle of this housing crisis.

Trinidad needs to reconsider the inclusion of ADU’s use as Short Term Rentals (STRs) now, and in the future, and update the STR ordinance to cease the conversion of ADUs from residential use to transient occupant use.

This article shows how another coastal city, Fort Bragg Calif., is working to protect housing in their community specially regarding STRs.

“It’s not good for the community,” said Councilmember Dave Turner. “It takes away the rental stock, it drives up rental prices and you don’t know your neighbors.”


Thank you,
Kathleen Lake
Trinidad Resident

The dogless dotard

Did you ever wonder why Donald Trump is the first president since the end of the 1800s to not have a family dog in the White House? Could it be his ego?

Certainly Trump would never want to risk being upstaged by a mere dog and this would likely happen on occasion. Could it be his lack of control? Trump’s primary means of communication is through Twitter and this would make it impossible for him to train or command his dog; or even, if possible, fire his dog when he felt disrespected by it as he has with most individuals who displease him.

Perhaps he sees himself already surrounded by enough dogs? That certainly was his opinion of his former aide Omarosa, and most likely many others he deems as lesser than him.

One thing is certain, he wouldn’t need to be too worried about cleaning up messes. He already has his press secretary Sarah Sanders to take care of such things for him.

Personally, I hope the president does get a dog. Its presence might actually bring out some compassion for others that Trump rarely shows today.

Sherman Schapiro
Blue Lake

Home Away From Home

Dear Home Away from Home volunteer,

First, THANKS for helping to make last year’s Home Away From Home potlucks a success! Together, we helped to build a stronger, more inclusive Arcata community for everyone.

Second, we are happy to announce that Home Away from Home will be holding our first potluck of this school year on Sunday Sept. 9 from 5 to 7 at the D Street Neighborhood Center in Arcata, and we are once again looking for your help.

Home Away From Home as a part of the larger Equity Arcata effort held four successful potlucks last school year to help build a bridge of friendship and goodwill between HSU students and longer term Arcata residents and businesses.

Home Away From Home is once again seeking volunteers to help make our kick-off potluck on Sept. 9 a success.

We will hold a brief volunteer gathering at the D Street Neighborhood Center on Wednesday Aug. 29 at 6:30 p.m. to lay out the potluck plan and sign people up for particular tasks. All volunteers will be asked to: Provide a dish for the meal (for 8); Individual volunteer tasks; Greeting and signing in at the door; Setup: tables and chairs, table cloths, food table, dinnerware table, jobs table, free stuff table; Set up and refill coffee and beverages; Clean up (tables, chairs, dishes, kitchen, floors, bathrooms).

We strongly encourage all volunteers to attend on Aug. 29. If you cannot attend, you may sign up by email for any of the above tasks. If you are unable to volunteer but will be bringing a dish, please let us know by email as well.

Anne Hartline
Wesley Chesbro
Home Away From Home/Equity Arcata




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