Letters to the Editor, August 12, 2021

Don’t ruin Trinidad’s way of life

We still object vigorously to the proposal to bring Mad River water up to the greater Trinidad area. The effects would not stop with Trinidad as claimed. Abundant water would make extensive development north, south, and east inevitable, to the detriment of the environment and rural character of our area. 

Our quiet way of life would be destroyed, our forests, our scenery, our already-failing roads, would be destroyed. Where would the sewage go ? Do the developers plan to pay for a sewage plant? Again, we urge the city to reject bringing water up here.

Bringing water in was discussed nearly 50 years ago, and several times since. Enough people objected each time that the proposal was dropped.

Then it was submitted again, and rejected again. Clearly most of your constituents want it to stay dropped. 


James and Virginia Waters
Stagecoach Road residents of North Trinidad since 1966

Demythologizing entheogenics

I want to commend Editor Kevin Hoover for introducing some much-needed scientific clarity in to the piece on relaxing of controls on hallucinogenic substances (Union, July 28). As one of many who survived a love affair with these seductive substances back in the ’60s and ’70s, I may have something of value to add to the discussion.

We never claimed any medical benefit from the use of both natural and lab-generated “psychedelics,” but did often claim to be achieving “spiritual enlightenment” and an expansion of consciousness. Whatever truths were revealed to us seemed to diminish over time — and I am not sure most of my amigos even knew what enlightenment might look like until we stopped using our brains as recreational vehicles and started doing some serious reading.

I don’t know anyone who used peyote, psilocybin or LSD to relieve mental illness. We sought out and ingested these substances because, frankly speaking, it was so darn much fun! Unfortunately, I did know at least two individuals who had very unpleasant psychotic reactions to these drugs — and (what irony!) there were others, including me, who eventually gave them up in order to protect what was left of our sanity. Sometimes things that feel very good are not good for us over the long haul.

As I look back from the perspective gained over several decades, it is obvious to me that, while extensive use of hallucinogenics (including cannabis) did not destroy us, it bent and distorted our lives in directions we could not foresee at the time; almost always robbing us and our communities of some measure of our talent and potential.

One final comment: Danielle Daniel asserts that drug addiction results exclusively from child abuse, but there is scant evidence to support this widely shared view. It is more likely that people drift in to a regular relationship with a highly pleasurable substance (including alcohol) and then, over time, find themselves habitually and chemically dependent. Again, the irony is that child abuse most often occurs in households that are out of control because of drugs and alcohol.

Carl R. Ochsner

The unvaccinated are at risk

A recent report shows that the capacity of our local hospitals is being threatened by a patient surge due to the COVID Delta variant. Statistics indicate that well over 90 percent of these patients are typically unvaccinated.

This creates a problem for two reasons.

First, if a hospital is overwhelmed with COVID patients, there may be limited beds available for patients with other serious conditions; and it’s unlikely an out-of-the-area hospital will be able to handle the overflow for similar reasons.

Second, when a hospital approaches capacity due to COVID, it places an extra burden on medical staff who must work more hours with sicker patients. Such pressure often results in staff quitting with ensuing shortages, thus compounding problems for the hospital, and possibly limiting admittance overall even if beds are available.

So if you are one of the nearly 50 percent unvaccinated county residents, consider a shot. Getting vaccinated will greatly minimize your chances of catching COVID; and if you do, it’s unlikely you will be hospitalized. Conversely, if you remain unvaccinated and become infected, you could be responsible for a seriously ill friend or close family member being unable to find hospital care regardless of their specific medical need.

Sherman Schapiro

The unvaccinated are the ones to blame!

Don’t take advice from charlatans
Snake handling, snake oil salesmen of God
Keep raking in the cash from the foolish flock.
Speaking in tongues and acting like a maniac

Will cure COVID-19? Who needs a vaccine?
Jesus wept, then he said “Why go back?”
After 2,000 years? Forget that claptrap.
Jesus, save us from your blasphemous fans!

Human beings were designed with brains.
Go ahead and use yours, folks. It’s not a sin.
Refusing to use what God gave us is a shame.
The unvaccinated are the ones to blame!

Don’t take medical advice from charlatans.
Especially politicians called Republicans,
Who only have one real concern these days,
Which is keeping QAnon crazies enraged.

Faked outrage over fake conspiracy “news,”
Fascists freaking out about space laser Jews,
Traitor Trump whining about being a big loser,
Trump should be in jail, being a sexual abuser.

Matt “The Molester” Gaetz is going to prison.
If I were the dad, he would no longer be living!
Gaetz sex trafficked a minor across state lines.
It’s the new GOP = Greedy Old Pervert time.

Don’t let the name Jesus cross your lips, GOP.
Republicans are the party of anti-Christianity.

Jake Pickering 


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