Letters to the Editor, August 12, 2020

What’s in a name

In spending time around and within various meeting and committees associated with the Arcata Fire District (AFD) as well as the Arcata Volunteer Firefighters’ Associations (AVFA), I have seen commitment to the services they provide. There is actual pride in being a part of these organizations. 

Yes, these are referred to as Arcata specific but really that comes from pride in the history of this department and the people that have come before. The department has been around since 1884, at the time was all volunteer and primary responsibility being the City of Arcata. 

Now there are five communities under the umbrella of a career firefighter response; McKinleyville, Manila, Bayside, Jacoby Creek and Arcata. 

What I also noticed is the community focus from the three stations, Arcata, Mad River and McKinleyville. Next time you get a chance, note the names on the front of the engines. The crews at each of these stations was focused, initially on the community around them. 

The people around Central Avenue and Dow’s Prairie know Engine 8217 well, and the residence in the Lazy J Ranch are always welcoming Engine 8216. Engine 8215 is seen responding routinely supporting residence in Sunny Brae or up Fickle Hill. These engines carry the names of our communities, McKinleyville, Mad River and Arcata, right up front, showing they are your emergency responders. 

To cover this community your Fire District needs all three of these stations. Please support Measure F and return the support to our communities.

Roy Willis

Honor John Lewis’s memory: vote!

Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell spoke at the recent funeral service of the late Congressman John Lewis. The New Yorker reported that he related a story about the last time they had been together.

He told how Lewis had pulled him close and whispered, “Everyone has to vote in November.”

Campbell then added the following for those in attendance, “If you truly want to honor this American hero, make sure that you vote.”

I believe in those words, especially now that there are so many this year who are trying their hardest to find ways to discourage us from doing so.

So make sure you do vote this fall, be it by mail or in person. In that way, you’ll be honoring the memory of John Lewis as you exercise your constitutional right to vote, the very thing Lewis spent his life fighting for.

Sherman Schapiro

How to vote by mail

It’s official! All registered voters in the State of California will receive a ballot in the mail for the Nov. 3, 2020 election, even if they didn’t check the VOTE-BY-MAIL box on their Voter Registration Application.

To be ready to vote make sure your mailing address is correct, and it may be different from your home address. Your home address determines what precinct you vote in and what local candidates you vote for.

Besides a change of address, you may have changed your name, citizenship status, or become of voting age since the last election, if so, you need to re-register or register to vote. 

If you are 17 years old but will turn 18 years old on or before election day Nov. 3, you can register and vote.

The Humboldt County Registrar at 2426 6th St. Eureka is following Covid-19 rules with a limited number of visitors at one time. They are happy to answer your questions at (707) 445-7481. 

If you request it, a Voter Registration Application will be mailed to you. The RED BOX you sign on the Voter Registration Application is an AFFIDAVIT. This is your legal signature. Be sure to sign your BALLOT exactly like you did on your Voter Registration application.

ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION: registertovote.ca.gov, voterstatus.sos.ca.gov, sos.ca.gov/elections/castudentsvote. 

Ballots are mailed out in early October. Return promptly! The mail may be purposely slowed. If you plan to vote, act now!

Christine Will

Trump: the biggest loser

Just like about every other fretful Democratic/liberal/progressive person in America, I’ll admit I’ve had a mild case of political PTSD left over from 2016 (and from 2000 and 2004 for that matter). However, these days the national political opinion polls are truly glorious. There is no doubt about it, folks. Joe Biden is going to win one of the largest, overwhelming landslide victories in American presidential election history!

 This impending political news is outstanding if you’re a Democrat. The polls in the usual swing states are also quite clearly in Biden’s favor as well, not to mention the numerous traditionally Republican-controlled states now on the verge of finally becoming swing states thanks to demented Donald Trump’s ongoing, internationally televised mental breakdown and political self-destruction taking the entire racist, fascist Republican Party down with him in flames on Nov. 3. 

And of course that’s what we’re all watching in real time right now - diabolical Donald Trump’s farcical, full-blown maniacal meltdown both politically and psychologically speaking. Haven’t you noticed that President Trumptanic is literally sweating almost as much as tricky Dick Nixon did back in the day? Some in the American media are pointing out the obvious (that the metaphorically buck naked, morbidly obese Orange Emperor has no brain and is completely insane), but most reporters are apparently, for some strange reason (could it be cowardice?), still too afraid to tell the terrible truth about traitor Trump the tangerine tyrant. Why? What is the so-called free press so afraid of?

 What ever happened to our fearless, heroic, patriotic profession of journalism that actually, once upon a time, had the respect and admiration of the American people? How did we go from the Washington Post’s Woodward and Bernstein bringing down sweaty Richard Nixon’s paranoid presidency (which wasn’t nearly as criminal and nowhere near as treasonous as traitor Trump’s Russian-controlled Republican regime) to this current situation (with some notable exemplary exceptions) where most American journalists voluntarily choose to act like they’re living in an authoritarian country without a First Amendment? 

 Freedom of speech doesn’t mean much if everyone is too terrified of consequences (or too satisfied with their paychecks) to speak truth to power. Allow me an attempt, if you will, to lighten the mood of my fellow Democrats/liberals/progressives with some good news for a change! Yes, folks, it’s true: Trump’s foolish fascist regime is finished, and his much-deserved political execution is right around the corner. USA! USA! USA!

 In fact, despicable Donald Trump is the pathetic political equivalent of a “Dead Man Walking” (all apologies to Sean Penn and & Susan Sarandon). As a long-time observer of American elections, I have no doubt at all at this point as to what the outcome will be. And nothing that I have to say about it is going to decrease voter turnout in the least. Democratic voter turnout wasn’t a problem at all during the primaries, and the anti-Trump turnout will be massive in November. 

 Unlike 2016, Trump’s psychotic sales pitch is falling on deaf ears, since he is a disastrously failed incompetent incumbent who can’t even come up with a reason as to why he should be given a 2nd term, other than the fact that Trump the plump chump is a ridiculous racist who is in love with the Confederate flag and sacrilegiously worships statues of Confederate traitors. And as poorly as these clueless conservative Republican politicians did in 2018, what possible reason would there be to believe the GOP’s chances could improve in 2020? 

 This election really is all over but the shouting, and we should stop playing defense politically, stop living in fear of what happened in the previous election(s), and go on the offense unreservedly in the remaining 3 months of this one. Our cause is righteous and we will be victorious, because the racist Republican Party is doing everything possible at this point to lose. We the people are going to win in 2020 in a landslide! Let’s win this one for the late, great John Lewis.

 Believe it or not, there actually is light at the end of this particularly long, dark, terrible tunnel of lies and treason otherwise known as the Trump Administration. Traitor Trump (otherwise known as the Confederate flag-loving racist Moscow-loving moron) can’t lie his way out of this one, and his big daddy Vlad can’t steal this one thanks to Trump having effectively (and perhaps only temporarily) turned many highly-skilled, tough-as-nails, patriotic operatives in our military and intelligence communities into hardcore partisan Democrats. The so-called “deep state” is in fact watching this one very closely, and Trump’s corrupt Russian war criminal benefactors know it. Trump is done.

 Calling the CIA “Nazis” as one of his first official statements as president was actually the end of Trump’s “re-election” chances. (And, after all, Trump wasn’t legitimately elected the first time around according to irrefutable statistical analyses of the official vote totals in 2016 from the swing states under Republican control, which show unmistakable signs of the statewide vote totals having been altered to give Trump margins in those states just above the automatic recount thresholds.) 

 So to sum up, there is no need to worry about winning in 2020, if they let the people vote. And we the people will vote for Joe Biden for President and for other Democrats down-ballot this Nov. 3 in historically impressive numbers. God Bless America! And God Bless our soon-to-be 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden. 

Jake Pickering





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