Letters to the Editor, April 29, 2020


Shelter and support the houseless 

I would like to thank Supervisor Steve Madrone for suggesting that the county establish homeless encampments on county property.

This proposal is one of the best ideas I have heard, and I’m disappointed that his suggestion was not taken up by the board.

Arcata has established just such a program at the Arcata Community Center. I’m told that it is working well; with self-contained campsites for small groups. 

You can’t maintain social distance if you keep getting forced to move from place to place!

Around 1,000 unhoused people live in Humboldt County. I’m told that every unhoused person costs the county around $100,000 every year.

We as a community need to find places for people to live! And since people have differing needs, we need a variety of places:

• overnight shelters

• camps – with water and toilet facilities

• housing – transformed hotels, vacant stores, anyplace with a roof to be re-purposed for people to live in, with privacy, hot and cold running water, electricity

• rent support for the many folks who are in danger of being evicted and becoming homeless themselves

We need to help the unhoused get a roof over their heads! People like Supervisor Madrone, and the Affordable Homeless Housing Coalition have some ideas, and we should listen to them! 

Thank you,

Nancy Correll


Surplus population

I started reading a newspaper every day when I was 8 years old. I came from a family of workers who read the events of the day each morning. Our lives were surrounded by lively discussions, opinions and consensus of action. 

I read a newspaper every day until newspapers became nothing more than a collection of AP headlines. I like in-depth reporting and truth of events. Now all we have is talking heads on 24-hour “news channels.”

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That being said, I, like many of you, have watched in horror as the political leaders of our country have spewed such vitriol against ordinary working Americans as has never been seen. And all I do is rage.

I have known, since I was 8, that the Republican Party has never ever cared about the well being of the American People. Dwight Eisenhower, in his final public address, warned of the power of the Military-Industrial Complex, a complex that he and his party had allowed to flourish. 

But then it got worse. Every Republican Administration since 1970 has worked to dismantle unions, dismantle every corner of the New Deal, relegate women to second class citizenship and encourage the formation of a class system in a classless society. 

And now comes something that attacks everyone. You would think that it would kill everyone at the same pace, but those who have great medical care and a sanctuary, are not dying.

Now the demand is that WE sacrifice more. American People, especially those that receive Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food assistance are being asked to “die” so the economy can get back to normal.

An early notion from POTUS that the stay-home orders were worse than dying, the call from truly whacko Republican governors and senators that many of us should be willing to sacrifice our lives for the all mighty dollar and finally the ungenuine organized and political protests are truly mind boggling.

I came to the conclusion early that if SWP wanted to go to church, go ahead, but do not be surprised when you come out of your church, if a wall has been erected to keep you out of society.

If the south wants to open, fine. The surrounding states should send the national guard to the borders of these states and quarantine the whole lot of them, which looks eerily like the Confederate States of America.

I am always reminded of a line from A Christmas Carol “If they would rather die, said Scrooge “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” 

We have become the surplus population. What the overlords have failed to remember is that without our industry and commerce, no business will be done.

We will not go out. Even if we get our stimulus checks (way too little, way too late) we will not spend them. We are in it for the long hall. Maybe if the rich and powerful start to die in droves, we will get some help.

Please remember to keep your distance and wear your masks in public. If people think you are sick, they stay away.

 Thank you for listening

Jan Phelps

The COVID-cleansing Commander in Chief

When our president professes about recommended treatments for COVID-19, there should be a disclaimer stating “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” 

He might also offer himself as a control group member for the internal use of Lysol.

Edward “Buzz” Webb


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