Letters to the Editor, April 24, 2019: McKinleyville’s new name will be…

KHSU action and acknowledgement

My feelings about the disembowelment of KHSU have been articulated eloquently, knowledgeably and passionately by letters that have appeared in the opinion pages of the Mad River Union, the North Coast Journal and the Times-Standard. 

I’d like to thank everyone for expressing their dismay, anger and frustration about the decimation of KHSU on these pages. In addition to writing letters to the editor 

I encourage former staff, volunteers and supporters to send copies of those letters, along with articles from our local press to the CSU Chancellor:

California State University
Timothy White
400 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802

In addition, send copies of your letter to each member of the CSU Board of Trustees:

c/o Trustee Secretariat
400 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802

A full list of their names can be found atcalstate.edu/csu-system/board-of-trustees/Pages/address-list.aspx.

Ex Officio Trustees should also be included in your letter writing. They include Governor Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony K. Thurmond. Those addresses can also be found at the above-referenced URL.

I would also like to thank Phil Ricord for including as many staff, volunteers and supporters in his In Memoriam RIP KHSU page as could possibly fit.

As a former executive producer, host, engineer and editor for Through the Eyes of Women (TTEOW), I would also like to acknowledge the work of the extraordinary women who kept TTEOW on the air for 34+ years. It’s origins began as the brainchild of Ruth Mountaingrove, Ina Harris, Bel Shalom and engineer Stacey Aspey. Volunteers through the years included Kathy Sarabian, Geraldine Goldberg, Maria Bartlett, Lynette Mullen, Heather Rawson, Lynette Nutter, Geneva Peppars, Brenda Starr, Danielle Orr, Amy Jester, Emma Breacain and Corinne Frugoni. 

I personally am especially grateful to Beth Rogers who taught me to engineer, edit and then passed me the reins as executive producer. In addition, TTEOW benefited greatly from the support of former KHSU staff members Katie Whiteside, Jessica Eden and Lorna Bryant (who was also a TTEOW Host). These are just of few of the remarkable women of TTEOW. 

I’m sure there are more whom I did not name. Please forgive any omissions due to my own lack of knowledge. 

From its humble beginnings with archives on cassette tapes TTEOW grew to include a regular blog, khsuwomen.wordpress.com. Many interviews from Barbara Kingsolver to Cassandra Hesseltine, from Elizabeth Berrien to Anjelique Kidjo, from Green Burial to the Green New Deal can be found, and listened to, on the blog.

I am hoping to find ways through the current chaos to grow strong community radio and continue to serve our beloved North Coast.

All the best,

Kathleen Marshall, BSRN
Former host, engineer, editor and executive producer of Through the Eyes of Women

KHSU wasn’t diverse

I am sure I am not alone, when I say I am already sick of hearing people whine and carry signs saying things like “I do not consent,” in reaction to the cutbacks at KHSU.

 Indeed, it was KHSU’s hatred and intolerance of ideological diversity that limited its financial support from the community. I’m sure that few of the left wing extremists who loved KHSU would agree, but I can tell you that if you weren’t left-wing extremist, KHSU was very difficult to listen to when they weren’t playing music.

 I find it ridiculous when I hear the protesters blame the HSU leadership. In addition to a lack of financial support from the community, there are state budget cuts to HSU. 

This would never happen if people weren’t electing politicians who overspend. If they didn’t overspend in the first place, there would be no need for budget cuts.

 The fact is, when California was a consistently red state, higher education was free. Without overspending there was plenty of money for free college. Up until 1975 all California State Universities were 100 percent tuition free. There was also no problem finding money for a football team and radio station.

 From my point of view, the protesters are part of the problem. 

David LaRue

An outrageous loss 

Many in our North Coast communities are justifiably outraged at the loss to the community caused by HSU’s gutting of local radio station KHSU, not to mention the associated staffing and volunteer purge.

The loss is particularly keenly felt among the nonprofit community, which has long had a mutually beneficial relationship with the radio station. Nonprofit organizations fill in the gaps for human services, the arts and humanities, and protecting the environment in rural communities, and this is especially true behind the Redwood Curtain. 

KHSU has been a key partner in promoting the events and other activities by regional non-profits, many of which have reciprocated over the years by pitching during pledge drives. This is what community is all about.

For us at the Arcata Playhouse, the recent sold-out performances of Kannapolis and A Woman’s Place is in Her Home owe a huge debt of gratitude to KHSU for the airing, posting, and streaming of interviews with Jackie Dandeneau, David

Ferney, Jenny Scheinman and other artists. Volunteer show hosts like Russ Cole, Michael Eldredge and Halimah Collingwood have always taken the time to feature the music of artists appearing at local venues, raising interest and increasing audiences for those artists.

More important than ticket sales, however, has been the impact of public affairs programming like Through the Eyes of Women, Artwaves, and The KHSU Magazine on community awareness and education. Experienced program hosts conducted in-depth interviews that delivered relevant information to an appreciative audience. The volunteers, staff, and producers worked together as a team to create radio about our community for the North Coast and beyond. 

How ironic it is that April is National Volunteer Month.

The shuttering of live community-oriented programming at KHSU is an incalculable loss to our community and the non-profits that serve Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

With deep regret,

Staff and Board of Directors of The Arcata Playhouse:
Kay Sennott, Joan Levy, Terry Uyeki, Tina McKenzie, Kit Mann, Tom Perrett, Pat Bitton, Katie Whiteside, Jackie Dandeneau, David Ferney

Rat radar flashing red

Thanks to Phil Ricord for the full page memorial for KHSU. The sad thing is that so many current and past names were not in print. KHSU volunteers past and present could fill a telephone book!

I believe this outcome, the demise of KHSU was done behind closed doors, over a period of time. I keep wondering where this all came from. I smell a rat. I contend that an employee at advancement, under Wruck, had Wruck’s ear. Wruck knows nothing about radio, so where did this ill conceived idea come from?

I look to see who has spoken up and who has not. The rat has been silent.

I would encourage local reporters to seek FOIA info regarding all email communication on this matter. Just a thought.

Sharon Fennell

Let them eat architecture

I was so happy to hear that the wealthy of France have donated $600 million to rebuild a religious structure! 

But what about what their Master requested? Clothe the naked, feed the hungry, house the homeless, treat the ill, etc. (Matt. 25.)

Maybe it’s better that they (the needy) “eat cake.”

Michael Robert Langdon, P.H.R.A.
(Public Human Rights Activist)

Rename McKinleyville ‘Ocean Bluffs’

I am writing in response to the April 17 letter to the editor by Barbara Morrison regarding re-naming McKinleyville. In short, I agree with Morrison completely.

I feel happy and fortunate to be a resident of McKinleyville. Yet whenever the topic of McKinleyville comes up in conversation with those living in surrounding towns, faces sour and the most common refrain is “Ugh. I wouldn’t want to live there.” The unfortunate “Oklahoma By The Sea” moniker is often brought up with a sneer. 

It is far past time to put our best foot forward by updating and upgrading the name for this beautiful spot on the planet. 

The two most outstanding natural features of this area are the magnificent views of the ocean, as Morrison noted, and the bluffs that facilitate these views. Therefore, I suggest the name of “Ocean Bluffs” for what is currently known as McKinleyville.

That there are people looking to incorporate this area as a city is very exciting. This poses an excellent opportunity to change the name at the same time. 

If the effort to incorporate as a city ultimately does not come to pass, it would still be a significant upgrade to the area by having a beautiful, descriptive name such as Ocean Bluffs.

The Vista Point Overlook, the Mad River Bluffs Trail, the Hammond Trail and the Cha-GAH-Cho Trail all provide stunning views of the Pacific Ocean (and the Mad River) from various vantage points along the natural bluffs that form the western edge of this area. 

The name Ocean Bluffs captures, in these two, simple words, the beauty of this town and describes what visitors can expect when they visit here.

Fhyre Phoenix

McKexit misunderstanding 

First of all, let me commend you on the clever title of your article in the April 10th paper. Hopefully we’ll have an easier time figuring this out than Great Britain. 

I am a McKinleyville resident who certainly is in favor of a financial look into the possibility of the  incorporation of our town. As I understand it, the information is not that difficult to obtain in order to make some projections. I respect Steve Madrone for working on putting a long discussed issue to the test and possibly to rest. 

What I found very disturbing in the article was how new director, Shel Barsanti, came prepared to badger Mary Burke. I mean, who brings a paper from February 11, 2017 to a meeting and quotes a candidates’ past statements as part of a current discussion? To what purpose did she feel it necessary to go on the attack and question Ms. Burke on “changing her mind’?”  What exactly is the problem with looking at new information and changing your mind? Even though that really isn’t what Ms. Burke is doing - she’s just being open to new information. 

Ms. Barsanti came on to the board in a somewhat controversial manner, but what’s done is done. Now, however, in the first comments I see in the paper from Ms. Barsanti, she uses her position to attempt to undermine a fellow director.  

I am hopeful this experience will be the last Ms. Burke, or any other director, will have to endure. We charge our leaders to a standard of partnership and respect.

Barbara Brimlow

A circus of cruelty

The Redwood Acres Fairgrounds has invited the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus to “perform” in early May. 

I just did an online search for USDA violations for this circus. I skimmed one document: Docket No. 09-0155 & 10-0418 and I’m sick to my stomach. 

Those baby tiger cubs died needlessly at the hands of people who are incapable of taking proper care of wild animals. I invite anyone who is interested in actually learning how these roadside circuses treat their animals to search the Internet, as I did. 

I want to urge all people in Humboldt County who have compassion and empathy for other living creatures to avoid this event. Please do not fund animal abuse and imprisonment. 

These poor creatures are shoved in hot trucks 32 weeks out of the year. They are forced to “perform” in over 200 towns in 17 different states, according to the circus’ website. We need to teach our children that cruelty is not entertainment. 

There is a sanctuary in Tampa, Florida that is called Big Cat Sanctuary. It takes abused circus cats such as Francis and Delilah (captives of Culpepper and Merriweather Circus) and gives them a comfortable, humane retirement. 

I urge Mr. Eugene “Trey” Key, III who “owns” these two beautiful creatures, to retire them and let them live the rest of their lives in peace and comfort. 


Mara Parker

Princess is part of a bigger cruelty picture 

The kidnap and killing of Princess “touched hearts and sparked outrage around the world thanks to widespread media coverage.” Really? 

Don’t get me wrong; if somebody kidnapped and butchered my dog that I love, I too would feel grief and anger. But the fact that “media” took the nefarious death of a pet pig and was able to run with it world wide, speaks to how jaded we have become to wide suffering and even torture of human beings in our world every day or even in our county.

Not to mention the fate of pigs in the industrial pork farms that are well documented for their tortuous treatment of these animals.

Charles Minton

A low-IQ Bohnhead 

In the words of Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn’s political cult leader, Donald Trump, Supervisor Bohn is “a low-IQ individual.”

I’m not saying Rex Bohn is stupid because Bohn is a redneck Republican right-wing rube. I’m saying Supervisor Bohn is stupid because he has a long personal and public history of being a conservative bigoted idiot. Bohn is brainless!

 For instance, the following is an excerpt from the Nov. 7, 2013 edition of the Ferndale Enterprise about a public event Rex Bohn attended that included performers in blackface:

“...First District Supervisor rex bohn, who attended the event and conducted a live auction, said he thought the performance was “pretty amusing. I can see people’s point, but it didn’t offend me,” Bohn said.

Blackface didn’t offend Supervisor Bohn? No, in fact, according to his own words, Rex Bohn finds blackface to be “pretty amusing.” What an idiot!

On March 4 of this year, at another public event where Bohn was acting as an auctioneer – what kind of function was it, a slave auction? – racist Rex Bohn asked, “Is it so authetic that we’re going to want to go steal hubcaps after we eat?” in reference to a home-cooked Mexican dinner up for sale, according to an April 14, 2019 North Coast Journal article.

Rex Bohn’s racist aspersions insinuating people of Mexican descent are criminals by virtue of their culture merely confirms the well-documented fact that Rex “Blackface” Bohn is a mindless moron!

And where does one even begin with the incredible irony of holier-than-thou hypocrite Rex Bohn categorizing all Mexicans as criminals, considering Supervisor Bohn’s sone Trevor Bohn’s infamous arrest by the Fortuna Police Department “...on suspicion of burglary, felony child abuse, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment…” detailed in the Sept. 20, 2012 edition of the North Coast Journal.

In response to his then 27-year-old son Trevor Bohn’s arrest in 2012, Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn issued the following statement to the NCJ: “I am certainly pleased there were no guns involved.” (Or hubcaps, or Mexican food, apparently!”)

Rex Bohn is simply too stupid and racist to be in the position of supervising anyone in Humboldt County. Bohn should resign from the Board of Supervisors immediately! Failing that, Supervisor Bohn should bring his reprehensible right-wing reelection campaign to a close. Wrap it up, B!

Jake Pickering



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