LETTERS: Please slow down while driving at Pierson Park parking lot


I spend a large portion of time at Pierson Park. I have a request of some (most) of the people (mostly parents). Slow down!

I realize there are no speed limit signs but I see small children come out from between parked cars all of the time. There are kids on bikes, kids walking, mothers with strollers, older folks walking their dogs. Just because your children are now safely in your vehicle doesn’t mean it’s OK for you to be disrespectful behind the wheel.

So you may be a tad late for that next appointment or getting dinner started. Is being there on time worth the life of a child? A beloved pet? Look at your own family and imagine the loss if it was one of yours. “It’ll never happen to me,”,people say, But it does, more than you  know. Ten seconds longer to drive out of the lot isn’t going to kill anyone. Literally.

Brenda Stewart 



Thank you from 

McK Land Trust

Dear Editor,

The Celebration of Chah-GAH-Cho on July 20 was a great success. The property was visited by around 80 people from the community, who hiked the proposed trail corridors, ate barbecue, listened to music, discussed, and generally enjoyed being out on this beautiful land.

The McKinleyville Land Trust, which owns Chah-GAH-Cho, would like to thank the many local sponsors who helped us with various donations. They include: The McKinleyville Press for the great ad and articles; also  Six Rivers Brewery, Ray’s Food Place, Kmart, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Denny’s, McDonald’s, Healthsport, and Wells Construction. All these businesses gave generously and helped make this event a good one.

We also were blessed with many volunteers, who helped set up and run the food booth. We look forward to seeing many guests and volunteers out on the Chah-GAH Cho proposed trails in the days to come.

Many thanks,

Nancy Correll, 

for the 

Board of Directors, 

McKinleyville Land Trust



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