Letter to the Editor: Give the gift of carbon sequestration

Offset your carbon footprint, help Arcata’s forests 

Travel is a part of many of our lives as is turning our lights on or washing our clothes.

Going to exotic places, hiking the mountains, visiting family and friends in far-flung places or simply going to work.

The Arcata Forest Fund was established at the Humboldt Area Foundation for the City of Arcata to assist in purchasing forestland to connect our forests together and is one way to offset our carbon footprints.

Sending a check to Humboldt Area Foundation, marked the City of Arcata “carbon credit” for a minimum $25.00 to own a small part of the Arcata Forest. 

This “carbon credit” fund helps to maintain the trails and build new ones for hiking, biking or riding horses. 

This fund is a simple way to offset our carbon footprints while enjoying our adventurous lives.

Thanks for your helping to keep our air fresh, our trees growing and our trails blazing with activities.

 Alex Stillman


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