Letter to the Editor, December 25, 2019

Winkler saved Arcata more than $500,000 on statue removal

You have mischaracterized Mayor Winkler’s estimates of the cost to remove our statue of president McKinley as “false and divisive.” (Union, Dec. 18)

His estimates of $525,000 for the statue removal were based on the actual cost of removing four statues in New Orleans which came to $2,100,000.00 or $525,000 per statue. cnn.com/2017/06/12/us/new-orleans-confederate-monument-removal-price-trnd/index.html

Why were the costs so high? Litigation and extensive police overtime was involved. Arcata dodged that bullet…barely... thanks to Winkler’s leadership. 

San Antonio spent $258,680 to remove a single statue. foxnews.com/us/confederate-monument-removal-costs-piling-up-for-cities

Costs in Dallas to remove a single statue crept past $450,000. nbcdfw.com/news/local/cost-to-remove-confederate-statue-could-climb-to-450k/38680/

You can find more data on the actual costs incurred to remove various municipal statues online. 

Arcata is fortunate to have a Mayor who was able to steer the city through a statue removal without incurring such exorbitant costs. 

Gordon Inkeles

Make America impeach again

Deplorable Donald Trump
Is a self-pitiful disgrace.
Two Articles of Impeachment
Right in Trump’s angry orange face!
Traitor Trump always blames
His crackpot crimes on anyone else.
Everyone gets thrown under the bus
Other than Donald Trump himself.
Who needs patriotic whistleblowers?
When Trump freely admits his guilt.
King Donald the First is above the law!
(Or so says corrupt Moscow Mitch.)
Trump says he’ll do whatever he wants.
So stay away from 5th Avenue,
Unless you’re looking to get shot.
Trump’s taxpayer funded attorneys
Actually argued this in a court of law.
Trump thinks he can shoot you, y’all!
The 25th Amendment
Should have been used long ago.
Republicans fell down on the job,
So Democrats picked up the load.
After Trump’s out, send him to Club Fed.
Unlike Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Barr will
Prevent Trump from ending up dead.
Moscow Mitch McConnell put in the fix
Instead of having a real Senate trial.
Let those Senators earn their pay by
Listening to fact witnesses for awhile.
Demented Donald Trump is 100 percent guilty.
If your eyes are open, this you can see.
Convict, remove, and imprison
This racist Russian stooge A.S.A.P.
Get rid of Putin’s puppet Benedict Donald
Before it is too late.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, United States! Sincerely,

Jake Pickering 

A better health paradigm

It is a false belief that we can save money on a healthcare system that involves profit taking. Not to mention the wasteful 18 percent administrative, overhead costs incurred by private health insurance companies compared to, for example, the 1 1/2 percent Medicare expends. 

And also not to mention the billions of dollars in profit taken by pharmaceutical companies, charging us sometimes as much as 100 times the overseas cost. Incrementalist and private health insurance inclusive plans like Medicare for America, MedicareX, Public Option, etc. are untenable because of their adherence to the status quo.

These are the simple principles supporting the idea of single payer, a system whereby a single non-profit agency (in this case, the government) administers the payment of all medical bills and costs without disrupting privately delivered health care. 

Taking out profit, reducing overhead, accompanied by negotiating prices with corporate pharmaceutical companies, would give us the latitude to spend less (anywhere from $2 to 5 trillion in the next decade) and provide high-quality healthcare access to every resident, instead of the inequitable, rationed-by-income, piece-meal non-system we struggle under today. 

The resulting paradigm gives us unprecedented freedom of choice in any doctor, clinic or hospital as well as freedom from fear of financial ruin due to medical bankruptcy. This program would guarantee coverage for all, from cradle to grave, regardless of employment, race, gender, economic or martial status — you get the idea. 

Concepts like freedom, independence, security, protection of family, and the American Dream, all embedded in both conservative and progressive values, are realized in a single-payer health care system – a simple, elegant and superbly American proposition. 

Want to learn more? Health Care for All/Physicians for a National Health Program – Humboldt meets every fourth Wednesday at 5 p.m. at The Sanctuary, 1301 J St., Arcata. The public is always welcome!

Patty Harvey, director, HCA/PNHP – Humboldt
Willow Creek





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