Letter: A hummingbird loses its way, and an array of citizens and professionals rush to the scene

HUMMINGBIRD HEROES Above, Arcata Fire Protection District Engineer Russell Kadle, Probationary Firefighter Ryan Dixon, Captain Marcus Lillard. Submitted photo


I was  in my living room this a.m. and I heard some "buzzing" and thought that a bee was behind a large framed print, nope. 

Looked up into a sky light and there, way up there, was a hummingbird desperately trying to fly out of the sky light, bumping its little beak on the window. 

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I started calling rescue groups, left messages, called vets who don't do that, checked the bird again and it would sit on a small ledge to rest. 

I started bringing in potted hydrangeas, all that I could move inside, grabbed nasturtiums, trying to attract it... not working. 

TINY TRIAGE Preparation of interim recovery facilities, including flowers and bird bathwater. Submitted photo

Finally I called the McKinleyville Community Services District  and the gal said, “Maybe the Fire Department would come?” 

She gave me their number and I asked for help! (I just had back surgery, I can't get on a ladder.) 

The gal at the Fire Department made a call and then called me back – YES – the wonderful first responders were coming! In their big red truck! 


OK, so without a ladder they ran to get a long pole with one of those orange street cones... no luck... 

So we put honey on the end of it and after a while of coaxing it did stick to the honey and got the tired little bird down and outside! 

I immediately knew that the honey would be sticky, so put out containers of bath water with flowers in them... and then the  Humboldt Wildlife Center came and decided she'd take it back to the center to clean it! 

Happy ending.

I do need to make sure that it was the Humboldt Wildlife Center that responded to help; I did call another one!

Such a sweet story when we all need to hear some good news!

Lacey Berns
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