Large amount of coke, meth found in McK drug bust

Mad River Union

MCKINLEYVILLE – Police raided a McKinleyville residence Tuesday, Aug. 9 and found about 12.6 ounces of methamphetamine and 6.7 ounces of cocaine. Juan Angulo-Lugo, JuanAngulo-Lugo, 24, was arrested on the 1300 block of Haven Lane in McKinleyville and booked into the county jail on suspicion of possession of meth for sale, possession of coke for sale, and possession of a firearm while possessing coke and meth.

The raid was conducted by the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit and Criminal Investigations Unit, which obtained a search warrant for the Haven lane residence in response to narcotic trafficking within the City of Eureka.

During the search, officers also found a loaded semi-automatic pistol and $2,300 in cash. According to Eureka Police, more arrests are anticipated.
According to Eureka Police, a typical “hit” of meth or coke is about .10 of a gram. The search revealed 357 grams of meth and 189 grams of coke.


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  1. 2016 Draft Options said:

    Finding packets of drugs on the Hammond Trail too.

    Picked up an 1/8 of weed on Sunday at 11:00 am that some poor chap dropped on the paved walkway.

    It was crystal frosty bud in an unpunctured package that just missed a pile of horse shit to the front and multiple piles of dog shit all around.

    Not to mention the homeless encampments.

    Ya, parks and trails are a proggie liberal neocon scam – touchy feely good ideas on paper that yield piles of shit on the ground effects.

    Heres to the homeless taking over every fucking trail in the county.

  2. ralph metsersnich said:

    next time don’t forget to leave your coke and meth at home in mehichhooo… Juan.

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