Kirsten’s Kitchen: Zesty Humboldt mud pie

DELISH DIRT An artisanal Humboldt Mud Pie. Kirtsen Lindquist photo

The first mud pie I ever had was Mississippi Mud Pie at a hole in the wall diner in Atlanta, Georgia, and it was so tasty! 

They told me the mud from Mississippi had the most mineral content and that’s what gave the mud its classic grainy texture. 

But once I tried Humboldt mud, I knew I had found the best mud there was.

Humboldt Mud Pie is so simple, but it does require that key ingredient – access to a good grow. 

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The best mud comes from equal parts organic matter, already spent soil from strains that you prefer, and mud from your own yard that has received rainfall in the past week. 

Humboldt rain is what makes such excellent mud! 

Skeptical? A good rain will pull wood smoke, weed aromas and redwood scents out of the air and plop them down into your yard and create the best mud you have ever tasted. 

Grab a hand spade, make yourself some Humboldt Pie and become a believer!

When it’s a special event, I will make fondant with cannabis butter and top it with my favorite leaf. Everyone enjoys this pie!


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