KEET-TV presents ‘Studio Space’


What is one human resource Humboldt County has in abundance? Artists and artistry. 

A rich and varied arts scene thrives on the North Coast. It is said that there are more artists per capita in Humboldt than any other place in California. As part of a new 13-part series Studio Space, KEET-TV will explore this celebrated attribute of our community by profiling the life and work of 26 local artists. Join hosts David Ferney and Kati Texas as they delve into Humboldt County's creative terrain and get to know some of the most brilliant and original minds on the North Coast.  

Studio Space premiers on Friday, April 2 at 8:30 p.m. on KEET-TV. Featured artists include the prolific potters Peggy Loudon and Conrad Calimpong; animator Steven Vander Meer; native carver Alme Allen; copper sculptor Scott Hemphill; printmaker Lynn Jones; painter Leslie Price; and many others. 

Kati Texas and David Ferney.

This is your chance to see and understand how the local population of glassmakers, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, photographers, dancers, and others find local inspiration and push their various mediums into new and exciting directions. We bring you into their workspace to learn and explore how it all goes down. 

Studio Space hosts are both well-versed in the local arts scene and have been anchors in that community themselves. 

David Ferney has a background in the performing arts and is the co-founder of the comedy troupe Los Payasos Mendigos at the Arcata Playhouse. He is a former student of Dell'Arte School of Physical Theater. "It has been a fascinating ride getting to know some of these incredible creators," said Ferney

Kati Texas is the former artistic director of the Ink People Center for the Arts. She is a muralist, sculptor, and teacher of many art forms who regularly lectures on the value of the arts and their impact on building healthy communities. "Humboldt County has so many inspiring artists. Some of them make a splash on the national scene, but others are just quietly creating a better community through the arts every day. It's been so amazing getting to showcase the artists making a real difference on the North Coast, " said Texas.

With their combined knowledge and experience, the hosts will help you understand the aesthetic subtleties and gain new insights from each artist's segment.

Charity Grella, the producer and director of Studio Space, said that the process of making these episodes has been a delight. "I've lived in Humboldt for over 35 years, and the project has literally taken me down roads I've never been on before. Half the time I got lost," said Grella .

Art is about truth and connectedness. We hope to provide our viewers with an understanding of why art brings a community and people together. Watch KEET and see the creative community come to life in this new series.

You can find Studio Space online at Studio Space is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. 


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