Jerry And Biscuits For Halloween – October 29, 2010

SAMOA – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown will make an appearance at the Samoa Cookhouse Sunday, Oct. 31 around 8 a.m., according to an e-mail message sent out by Humboldt Democrats.

The announcement states that coffee, biscuits, butter and jam will be available for attendees.

The Democratic Party e-mail message

Dear HCDCC Members, Associate Members, and Friends of Humboldt Democrats,
To get all the details of Jerry Brown’s visit and learn how you can participate please read the following email thoroughly and carefully. Everybody will be able to participate in Sunday’s rally.
Jerry Brown, our next governor, will be in Eureka for a Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) rally this Sunday morning, Oct. 31, 8-10 a.m. at the Samoa Cookhouse. We will be Jerry’s first stop on the final day of his campaign swing through the state. Debra Broner, our regional director for the California Democratic Party, made this happen.
As a part of the rally, the Brown campaign is hosting a breakfast for 150 people inside the banquet room at the Cookhouse where Jerry will be speaking.
The Brown campaign booked the Cookhouse for the rally before they contacted us and there wasn’t an opportunity to change the location.
This has become a bit of a challenge with the Brown campaign. As we all know, Humboldt County will easily turn out a lot more than 150 people. We will turn out hundreds and we have a plan to accommodate all our enthusiastic supporters.
The Brown campaign is absolutely insistent that we only hold reserved seats for half the room – 75 people. They don’t want this rally to be an insider event. They want to offer half the room to the public on the morning of the event, based on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The Democratic Central Committee and the Central Labor Council have agreed that in order to meet the requests of the Brown Campaign and to make this rally a more public event, we will give up the bulk of the seats we had originally asked to reserve for our members and make them available to the general public, per the Brown campaign’s wishes.
Per the Brown campaign’s instructions, there will be about 40 local elected officials, candidates, and assorted local leaders seated in the banquet room, plus 30 “GOTV VIPs.”
If you want to “earn” a seat in the banquet room with Jerry, please become a “GOTV VIP.”  This is what the Brown campaign is calling the people getting out the vote on Saturday. All you have to do is spend a minimum of six hours on Friday and/or Saturday putting out door hangers in Humboldt County.
Diana Berliner is coordinating the volunteers for this effort. To earn a GOTV VIP seat inside the banquet room, please email or call Diana at [email protected] or 616-7370. Again, this will be limited to 30 people, and several people have already signed up and are working.
We also have some volunteer opportunities to help at the event setting up, doing crowd control, and various other duties. The Brown campaign asked us to provide 20 volunteers for this. Please email Phillis Seawright [email protected], to sign up for this. We already have about half this list filled.
This rally will not be limited to 150 people. We have already started a public relations campaign to ensure a large, enthusiastic turnout. The Cookhouse’s main dining room will serve as an overflow room. This room will accommodate another 150-200 people. It is right next to the banquet room where Jerry will be. It will be wired for sound and we will have at least three TVs in the room so the overflow crowd can watch and hear the action that is going right in the next room. Plus, we will be staging a large rally with people waving Jerry’s rally signs in the parking lot directly adjacent to the banquet room.
This will also be wired for sound so that people outside participating in the rally can hear Jerry speak.
We are anticipating having local supporters of Queen Meg and possibly even teabag groupies show up outside the building to counter-rally. We want to be sure Brown supporters outside substantially outnumber these misguided people. Members of the Central Labor Council have decided instead of using their reserved seats in the banquet room, they will participate in this rally.
If you don’t want to do GOTV or volunteer at the event, then please come and rally with us. We will have enough rally signs for everybody, and there will be coffee and homemade Cookhouse biscuits with butter & jam, compliments of the Humboldt Democratic Central Committee, for those in the overflow room and outside at the rally.
Please, come to the Samoa Cookhouse this Sunday morning in any capacity you can to demonstrate to Jerry Brown that Humboldt County is passionately behind him to be the next governor of California. Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro has told us that if we turn out a large, enthusiastic crowd for Jerry, it will help gain influence with the new governor in his effort to represent and protect the interests of the North Coast in Sacramento.



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  1. Regular Joe said:

    What I really liked about this event was how inclusive and egalitatarian it was towards everyone.

    All were invited, greeted warmly, and welcomed to a nice breakfast free of charge. It’s nice and refreshing to see the HCDCC welcoming everyone ‘into their tent’, so to speak; from all walks of life, rich and poor, the high-and-mighty to the common, working Joe, well, you know…’the People.’ Us. The HCDCC and Mr. Brown welcomed all, shaking hands and speaking kind words individually.

    Here’s a case in point I observed that did not go unnoticed: a protesting group showed up for their different issue at hand. Rather than becoming confrontational, adversarial, or being booted out, the HCDCC graciously allowed them to put up their signs and peaceably gather signatures for their petition, just no overt protesting or poor behavior. That was wise, smart, and very cool. Everyone got along! Now, that’s cooperation, coordination, inclusion, and the true spirit of Democracy, I thought to myself.

    Sometimes I get the impressing awareness that the ‘Other Party’ prefers to be more exclusive of who they represent and invite into their tent nowadays. They would have booted this group from their private property. And the free coffee guy welcoming others, too!

    The HCDCC knows how to throw a great party.

  2. Regular Joe said:

    I was there at the rally. Here’s my report:

    This was a great get-together; good people meeting old and new friends, great conviviality, local politicos ranging from Bonnie to Paul to Virgina to Wesley gracefully working the crowd, and a free breakfast. And, yes, Mr. Brown was there.

    There was even a friendly citizen outside— greeting everyone and freely giving out Sunday donuts and Starbucks coffee from his own pocket— welcoming everyone braving the early morning chill at 7:30 am, just because. Inside the Samoa Cookhouse was a buzz of activity and the wonderful smell of pancakes, sausage, and eggs– and yes, more coffee. They did a great job of handling and feeding the masses before Mr. Brown arrived and spoke.

    Mr. Brown was very friendly and approachable, speaking briefly on a number of topics. He took the time to shake many hands and speakto everyone, including the coffee guy outside.

    I was impressed. Everyone got along very well. Cheryl Seidner’s presentation was inspirational. Mr. Brown was very giving both of his time and thoughts to the Humboldt folks gathered around at the Samoa Cookhouse during this quick whistle-stop. I would guess about 250+ folks were there? There were no protesters, Meg supporters, Tea Baggers, or the like.

    To note, Mr. Bird, Dr. Boyd, Phillis, Jean, Bob, and so many other great volunteers of the HCDCC (my apologies if I didn’t mention you by name, but you know who you are), did an exceptional job of running a smooth and peaceful event for everyone.

    Nice job, everyone, and ‘bravo’ to the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee for making this happen. Thank you for having us. It was awesome and you know how to throw a party.

    Thank you, too, friendly coffee guy for that free cup shared with friends on a cool and wet early morning!

  3. anonymous said:

    Why no photos of the Brown rally. Couldn’t the Eye be bothered to make it out to Soma?

  4. Francis said:

    Some sober thinking if voting for Democrats is that in the first session of Congress, a Liberal Path to Citizenship or Amnesty will be instantly addressed by the Senate, and its main disciple Senator Harry Reid leading the pack. There has been no mention of costs of Amnesty to the taxpayer, from this administration or the radical progressive press, which remains silent. You need to Google–The Heritage foundation and learn of a sudden hike to come in your taxes, to pay the $2.6 Trillion dollars for all newly processed immigrant subsidies and settlement needs once legitimized. Barbara Boxer or any named incumbent has remained silent to the added abomination of giving these subsidies. This will be a new inventory of foreigners coming here that DEM’S have promised access to our Social Security. Full admission so those over the years who illegally worked here, can apply for their ill-gotten gains even after procuring or using fraudulent Social Security numbers.

    Another reality is that any illegal alien can apply for Social Security, even though they never paid into the system. It’s beyond anybodies imagination that rewarding people who intentionally slipped into America, then gaining entrance to every kind of government benefit. Our country is slipping down a financial mountain of a $13 Trillion dollar debt and we want to make the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens feel at home? But then Gubernatorial Jerry Brown, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa have approved Sanctuary City policies and are tied to the same brush of most if not all Liberal politicians to pass AMNESTY. Sanctuary refuges have brought along with poor illegal aliens– criminals of every persuasion, from the gutters of every cesspool of the world. Sen. Reid stated there are no illegal aliens in Nevada, so he must have been sequestered in his home in Searchlight prior to the construction boom in Nevada?

    Every comment I have read says that the state is overrun with illegal aliens. As for California– That place needs no explanation? There is a Liberal majority seated in Sacramento that keeps silent about the crammed schools full of the kids of foreign nationals, distressed emergency rooms and an uncomplimentary jail system full of alien criminals. But Sen. Boxer, have allowed the illegal population to propagate. Only patriotic citizens such as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, State Senator Russell Pierce, in Colorado Gubnatorial Candidate Tom Tancredo have seen the invasion for what it has become and not remaining silent about it. Too many other politicians will not speak out –as they have been intimidated by the Liberal extremist “Political correctness”. They slink around Washington or State Capitol areas, scared of their own shadow. In additionally all citizens and taxpayers must be on guard of foreign nationals, voting in any election, to save their Liberal progressive saviors from becoming a number at unemployment agencies. Special vigilance should be attributed to the Sanctuary state of California, as illegal aliens are in perfusion and wont hesitate to use the absentee ballots return the stagnant personages of Sen. Harry Reid, Boxer and all the other Pro-amnesty providers.

    Our nation is being slowly Balkanized, by a mess of foreign languages and special disbursements by the Liberal open border zealots, to give away this nation to the worst of foreign nationals. The Tea Party political candidates will smoke out all foreign aliens, using such newly advanced tools as permanent E-Verify. Big Business will be held accountable with prison sentences for hiring illegal’s, and will not bow to either the Liberal progressives or the ideologies of the wealthy GOP. Remembering the new immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island and Galveston, Texas, during the 20th Century asked nothing, but acceptance. But the last decades have brought to this country monetary nationals who are demanding we knuckle down to their rules, demanding Amnesty, schools for their numerous children, free health care and public welfare. None of the richest countries in the world can afford this unnecessary fiscal strain; nether can we?

    American taxpayers have nowhere to turn right now, with the repossession of their cars, the loss of their homes, failing health Care and a previous and post governments that have failed the people. IF AMERICAN PEOPLE GIVE INTO ANOTHER AMNESTY, IT WILL BE A SIGNAL TO EVERY POOR PERSON IT’S ALRIGHT TO BREAK THE LAW. THAT THIS NATION WILL WELCOME YOU AND PROFFER GOVERNMENT BENEFITS TO ANY LAWBREAKER. We need highly very skilled legal immigrant workers in our future and mandatory temporary workers for agriculture, but no more foreigners coming to pick our pockets.

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