Jack Durham: Final Edition – Thank You For All Your Support

Jack Durham
McKineyville Press Editor & Reporter
I always imagined that putting out the final edition of the McKinleyville Press would be a gloomy affair.
The last edition would come out after the paper’s advertising line had withered away to the point that the business was no longer profitable. I’d put the paper to bed for one final time, hold an old-fashioned, teary eyed Irish wake, then start looking for a real job. Perhaps I would become a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman.
McK Pess logoBut the reality of putting out the final McKinleyville Press is much different. It’s a joyous occasion because the newspaper isn’t really coming to an end. Instead, it’s going to get bigger and better.
The McKinleyville Press and the Arcata Eye have now merged, and next week the new Mad River Union will debut. I’ll be the editor. Kevin L. Hoover of the Eye will be my co-publisher and dedicate himself to old-fashioned newspaper reporting.
All of the content that you now enjoy in the McKinleyville Press will be in the new Mad River Union. It will  have all of the Eye’s content.
But that’s not all. Because of greater efficiencies and the addition of more staff, the Union will have even greater news coverage of McKinleyville, Trinidad and the Northern Humboldt County area now served by the Press. Readers will get more content, not less, and that’s a great reason to celebrate.
So I’m not sad about putting out the last issue, but it does make me a little mushy about the people of McKinleyville and Trinidad and how they’ve supported the McKinleyville Press over the years.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Without the advertising, without those subscription checks, and even those quarters you put in our old, rusty newspaper racks, the McKinleyville Press would not have survived all these years.
There are so many people to thank, especially all of the writers, columnists and contributors who have made this paper possible. There are too many names to list, but you know who you are. Thank you.
Now it’s time to get to work on the new Mad River Union.


What will happen with my current subscription?
If you subscribe to the Eye or the Press, you’ll just start receiving the Mad River Union on Oct 2. If you subscribe to both papers, we’ll extend your subscription to make up the difference.
What will the Union cost?
The Mad River Union will cost $1 if you purchase it from a rack or retail location. This is the Eye’s current price. The Press is now 50 cents an issue.
Why is the McKinleyville Press office in McKinleyville closed and what does it mean for me?
The Press was never able to staff its office and maintain open hours. Calls were answered by an answering machine. Readers and clients will now be able to visit an office with regular hours in Jacoby’s Storehouse,  791 Eighth St. No. 8, Arcata, CA 95521. When they call (707) 826-7000 an actual person will pick up the phone. If you need to drop something off and can’t get to Arcata, give us a call. Jack can come to McKinleyville and meet with you.
What if I don’t like the Mad River Union?
The new paper will have all the stuff you already like, but more and better. You’ll likely wonder – as we do – why the two papers didn’t merge long ago. If you have any issues or thoughts, please get in touch. We like to talk to readers.
Why is the new newspaper named the Mad River Union?
The Mad River divides, but binds Arcata and McKinleyville. It has been central to the development of Northern Humboldt County. “Union” represents the union of the two papers, and obviously harkens back to the pre-Eye newspaper at which Kevin and I were privileged to work, that served Arcata so well for so long.

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