It’s official: Karen Diemer to be Arcata city manager Dec. 1

Newly selected Arcata city manager Karen Diemer at City Hall. Photo courtesy City of Arcata

Soon-to-be Arcata City Manager Karen Diemer.



The Arcata City Council is excited to announce its decision to hire Karen Diemer to serve as Arcata’s next City Manager. This selection comes after reviewing an impressive pool of candidates from California and across the country. In the end, the Council decided to go with experienced local talent.

“The City Council went through a rigorous selection process and, in the end, Karen Diemer had the experience and skills that were the best fit for the City’s needs,” says Arcata Mayor Mark Wheetley. “The City of Arcata and the community have high expectations. We are confident that as City Manager Karen will work with the community, staff and Council to move us toward meeting our mutual goals.”

Diemer has over 23 years of experience working in municipal government and has been the Deputy Director for the City of Arcata’s Environmental Services Department since 2006. During her time at the City, she worked as a Recreation Supervisor, Recreation Division Manager and, from 2005 to 2006, served as the Interim Environmental Services Director.

Diemer is a Humboldt State University graduate with a degree in Wildlife Management. As Deputy Environmental Services Director, Diemer currently manages the daily operations, budget development and financial management of the city department which oversees water and wastewater treatment, solid waste and recycling, stormwater management, recreation and energy issues for the City.

Diemer has built a reputation both within the City and among regional jurisdictions and agencies as being solution oriented, diplomatic, and able to work effectively and proactively with others. Diemer possesses broad knowledge of many functional areas of municipal government and has been instrumental in developing Arcata regional trails, the excessive electricity use tax, the McDaniel Slough Restoration Project, the Arcata intertie-water security project, and the Arcata Community Center. She has also been key  in representing the City’s interests in solid waste contract management and negotiations.

“I have been honored to work for the Arcata community for the past 18 years and I am thrilled to take on this new role. I look forward to providing a sense of continuity balanced with a fresh look at how we efficiently provide core services and maintain the quality of life amenities that Arcata is known for,” says newly selected City Manager Diemer. “The City of Arcata is a first-rate organization serving a progressive community and I am proud to work for both.”

The Council and Diemer expect to conclude contract negotiations in the very near future. Diemer is anticipated to officially become the Arcata City Manager on December 1, 2014. Until then, Finance Director Janet Luzzi will continue to be the City’s Interim City Manager.


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