It happened in Stabby Brae… or did it?

MYSTERIOUS INCIDENT Sirens blared to a halt at 801 Crescent Way in Sunny Brae Thursday morning just after 4 a.m. as Arcata Police and Arcata Ambulance responded to a reported stabbing. That’s what the dispatcher said on the scanner, anyway. The next day, APD said the matter was a mutual assist for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, and that HCSO could provide details. But HCSO said it had no involvement, and referred the matter back to APD. APD insisted that it was an HCSO incident, but HCSO steadfastly maintained it had no record of the incident. What appeared to have happened at the scene was that a man was stabbed, possibly in a car. But he didn't seem severely injured, as he sat on the curb and spoke at length with the officers. The apparent suspect, a woman, was detained across the street until a skunk wandered by, forcing her and the APD officers to briefly relocate. Without these pictures, we’d almost believe it was all a crazy dream.  Photos by KLH| Union