Interview with a Chamber intern: Humboldt State’s Amanda Masse

Joellen Clark-Peterson
Arcata Chamber of Commerce

How did you choose HSU?

Amanda: First of all, it is part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) which means that it allows out of state students to attend for in-state tuition costs.

Amanda Masse

Plus, the redwoods are here and the outdoor scene in Humboldt is incredible: rivers, redwoods, tons of wildlife, backpacking, paddling, and I love the ocean. We don’t have the ocean in Arizona. 

What do you appreciate about Arcata and the area?

Amanda: The redwoods. I love the old growth. 

There is so much outdoor adventure to be had here. It’s super unique to have huge, dense, forests on the coastline. 

Arcata has a cool community vibe and there are all kinds of cool events and local businesses. 

What could the area do better?

Amanda: Cannabis tourism. If they capitalized more on that I think a lot of people would come here like they go to Denver. 

I don’t know if Arcata has the law, but Eureka recently allowed open consumption. We have the name “Humboldt” so we should capitalize on that.

What is your post-college dream?

Amanda: I want to start an experiential learning program that would help get low-income people into the outdoors. Like a retreat center, but a little more rugged. 

I would also like to bring larger companies outdoors for team building workshops to build more well rounded and whole people. 


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