In two years, a trail may run along SR255 in Manila

MANILA TRAIL A paved, 10-foot-wide trail for bicyclists and pedestrians would extend from Pacific Avenue to Carlson Avenue on the west side of State Route 255, providing an alternative to Peninsula Drive. Graphic from County of Humboldt

Jack Durham
Mad River Union

MANILA – A half-mile-long paved trail may be built along State Route 255 in Manila during the summer of 2019.

Hank Seemann, deputy director of Humboldt County Public Works, told the board of the Manila Community Services District on Oct. 19 that preliminary designs have been drafted for the trail, which would be built on the west side of State Route 255 between Pacific and Carlson avenues.

Humboldt County and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are jointly working on the trail, which is being funded with a $1.7 million grant from California’s Active Transportation Program.

Seemann said the design would be completed and permits obtained in the coming year, with the construction to take place during the summer of 2019, if all goes as planned.

The trail, which Seemann described as a “shared use path,” would be 10-feet wide and would be at least 13 feet west of the highway. The trail would curve through Caltrans right-of-way to avoid wetlands and willow patches.

Engineers are also considering installing a cable barrier between the trail and the highway. The barrier would be similar to the one between the northbound and southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 101 in Arcata.

Engineers are also considering installing street lights at the intersection of State Route 255 and Pacific and Dean avenues. The lights would be similar to the ones down the street at Lupin Avenue. Seemann said the lights may be removed from the project depending on the cost of the cable barrier.

“One of the goals of this project is safety and mobility,” Seemann said.

The project would include a “Manila Moves” education program that would encourage people to walk and ride bicycles.


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