Impeachment supporters rally on Arcata Plaza

Some of the Plaza protesters. KLH | Union

Mad River Union

ARCATA – On the eve of a historic vote in the House of Representatives and as part of similar rallies occurring nationwide, demonstrators on the Arcata Plaza called for the impeachment of President Trump Tuesday night.

Holding signs bearing various pro-impeachment slogans (see photos below), dozens of protestors heard a letter from Rep. Jared Huffman (see below), read by his local representative Ciara Emery. "You're taking to the streets at a critical, historic moment for our country, and I want to thank you for that," the letter begins.

Huffman's letter lays out his summary of impeachment-worthy offenses committed by the president. "I didn't go to Congress to impeach a president, but these actions are clearly impeachable and you can be sure I'll be voting "yes" on articles of impeachment tomorrow," he states.

More photos of the Plaza rally:





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