Humboldt Crabs souvenir programs available

A TALE TO TELL Giuilana Stagnoli, Wendy Pearcy and Tamara Clohessy, authors. Janine Volkmar | Union

I reached for the pile of the new Humboldt Crabs souvenir program. Superfan Tamara Clohessy got there first and opened it up to page 33. 

“The best page in the whole thing,” she said.

And it may well be. 

Clohessy, Wendy Pearcy and Giuilana Stagnoli all got together “at the Brewery and wrote the article as a team.”

They were reliving their trip to Florida last December to support former ballpark security staffer and Humboldt State grad Alex Cappa. Folks around the park knew the six foot seven inch tall Cappa as the gentle giant with the long hair. He was especially great with little kids. (Mad River Union, May 15, 2016). 

Cappa signed his first NFL contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2018 NFL draft.

Cappa had a successful four years at HSU, winning all kinds of honors.

The three women “decided to make it a mini-vacation,” according to Clohessy. They visited the Salvador Dali Museum and enjoyed Cuban food in the old Cuban section of town.

“We hoped to just meet him for coffee or just to see him,” Clohessy said, “but we went to dinner.”

The next day they had great seats for the Buccaneers’ game against the Carolina Panthers, “four rows back.”

“After the game he was signing autographs and he motioned us over,” Pearcy said. “ ‘Did you guys eat yet?’ he asked, so we went to dinner again.”

“We felt like we were his aunts,” Clohessy added. “He threw me his hat up in the stands after the game and people were saying, ‘who are you guys?’ “

“He hasn’t changed a bit from college and when he worked here at the Crabs,” Stagnoli said.

Clohessy agreed. “He’s still driving the same car he had in Humboldt. ‘Why not, it works,’ he said.”

The three women may go again. Road trip!

Buy the official souvenir program for only $2 to read their article and many others about the history of the Crabs. It’s the 75th anniversary of the Humboldt Crabs so this program will be a keeper. 

Tracy Mac and her team of photographers, writers, board members and Social Media Manager Cooper Stanley have done a great job. The program has photographs of each player with stats and bios, a page to keep score on with instructions, and information about this season’s special events.



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