HSU-to-Northtown pedestrian walkway ablaze in new LED light

BRIGHT IDEA The pedestrian walkway connecting L.K. Wood Boulevard with G Street over U.S. Highway 101 is now much brighter at night, thanks to an upgrade of the lighting there. The lights were converted to high-intensity, energy efficient LED lamps at a cost of $33,700. Humboldt State contributed $18,000 to the project; Measure Z covered $11,500 and the City of Arcata paid for the rest. Better lighting on the walkway was one of the many suggestions to arise in 2017’s Public Safety Task Force, and it is hoped to be the beginning of the establishment of H Street as a well-lit, well-monitored Safety Corridor linking HSU to the Plaza. That project is being actively discussed by Arcata’s standing Public Safety Committee. At last week's meeting, Committee Vice Chair Lettie Dyer said she approved of the new lighting. "It's really good," she said.  Photos by Bob Doran | Union




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