HSU protesters to host Indian and study forums

Paul Mann
Mad River Union

HSU – Native American students occupying Humboldt State University’s Native Forum to champion human rights will host an Open Mic Sat. Jan. 24, to reach out to campus clubs and groups whose members have voiced solidarity with the protesters. Dinner will be served at 6  p.m. and the open mic session will start at about 7 p.m., both in the forum.

The session is titled “Decolonize HSU: Open Mic in Solidarity with United Students of Humboldt.”

“We’re reaching out to other students to bring them more into the fold; we want to serve as a sounding board for their concerns, and learn if there are things we are not addressing that we should incorporate into our [Native American] platform,” a student advocate said.

Also on Saturday, the protesters invite students and faculty campus-wide to participate in day-long study at the Native Forum “to dispel the notion that you can’t be both a student and an activist,” the student added. “We want to encourage people to come during the day, study with us and form study groups and get some schooling done.”


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