Hot tubs for Breast Health at Pure Water Spas

PURE INTENTIONS Amod Sobol, Kirsten Porter and Miles Hayes of Pure Waster Spas. Janine Volkmar | Union

Janine Volkmar
Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – Pure Water Spas. It’s a small white building on Broadway in Eureka, just after Bucksport and before Hilfiker Pipe. If you get to Pierson’s, you’ve missed it. Turn around at the Big Hammer and go back – it’s worth it!

Once inside, it is all sleek lighting and hardwood floors, a New York art gallery vibe, to show off the amazing variety of hot tubs. But the homegrown business folks, aided by their beautiful shop cat, Wasabi, are running a business with integrity, encyclopedic knowledge, and, most importantly, heart.

Last year they supported such local organizations as Humboldt Roller Derby, Humboldt Animal Rescue League, EPIC, Casa of Humboldt, and so many more. They have committed a percentage of all sales to local non-profits. 

Now it’s October, that month where many local businesses designate a certain day to give a portion of their sales to the Breast and GYN Health Project in Arcata. ( But Pure Water Spas is giving a portion of their entire month’s sales. Last year that amounted to a whopping $1,900. That included not only sales of hot tubs and spas but also purchases of chemicals and maintenance calls.

SHOP CAT Wasabi. Janine Volkmar | Union

Kirsten Porter, office manager extraordinaire and Arcata High grad, explained. “Doing a portion of sales for one day was iffy. I have more change on the floor of my car,” she said with a laugh. 

Amos Sobol, Pure Water Spas owner, added, “One day would be hit or miss.” Sobol was born in Arcata and attended both McKinleyville and Eureka high schools.

Hit or miss is just not their style. Sobol started working at the age of 18 for Jay Sooter, who had founded Pure Water Spas in 1986. When Sooter retired in 2017, Sobol took ownership of the business. He wanted to “remain dedicated to providing the services and community support set forth by Jay.”

Listening to Sobol and Porter made it clear that they have. Pure Water Spas carries hot tubs built in California by two of the largest hot tub manufacturers in the world, Hot Spring and Sundance. 

“These companies have always stood for energy efficiency,” Sobol said, “and they are good at alternative cleaning methods. Sundance  uses micro-filtration and ultraviolet sanitation while Hot Spring has paved the way in salt-water sanitizing systems.”

“Nobody likes to sit in chemicals,” Porter added.

Sobol, Porter, and technician Miles Hayes provide everything from pre-site planning (wait, if the hot tub faces that way, you’ll be staring at your neighbor’s window) to delivery to replacement parts to service calls. 

“We want to make sure there are no problems right up front,” Sobol said. Sobol and Hayes do regular factory trainings to keep aware of all the recent developments. Even hot tubs have touch screen controls now. 

Pure Water Spas also carries Finnleo saunas from Minnesota and a less expensive line of hot tubs from Fantasy Spas. 

And the entire operation is overseen by a rescue cat, Wasabi. She’s a beautiful tabby with a white bib and a personality that has made fans and friends out of everyone who stops in. 

“I saw her in the window at HART when they were closed,” Sobol said, “and I had to go back.” 

“She’d been adopted and returned twice,” Porter added. “She was so shy that she hung out in the back around the boxes for the first six months. A little three-year-old girl got her to come out.” 

Wasabi sleeps in the hot tubs and has the run of the showroom. “Fans come to see her,” Porter said.

(Humboldt Animal Rescue Team is on Sixth Street in Eureka for those who want to lose their hearts.)

It’s a matter of heart that motivates the good people of Pure Water Spas to support the Breast and GYN Health Project. “We have some friends that have used it,” Sobol said. 

“Everybody has been touched by it,” Porter added. 

Breast and GYN Health Project was founded 23 years ago by local breast cancer survivors who wanted to help others. Services include information, peer support groups, a lending library, wigs, and more, all free to clients. The project is located at 987 Eighth St. in Arcata. 

Call (707) 825-8345 to set up an appointment or just to chat with a warmline volunteer. This is the 17th annual month-long Sales for Survivors event to support their work. Look for their bright pink brochures at local businesses.

Pure Water Spas, 3750 Broadway in Eureka (707) 444-8001,


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