Historic pact ends all Plaza problems forever

Photo by Bob Doran; courtesy Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise

ECLECTIC COALITION Arcata, April 1 – The Plaza should be a far more agreeable place from now on, now that all major stakeholders have signed a peace treaty. Titled as the “Contract for Arcata,” the agreement dictates standards for courteous behavior on the town square. In a Friday morning ceremony, above, the “Stop being a Poopy Head Pact,” as it is informally known, was signed by representatives of all known stakeholders: Arcata Main Street, both Rotary Clubs, the Knights of Pythias, CommUnity Pride & Peace, Food Not Bombs, Drunk and Drunker, They Who Yell, the NoHum Nug-Slingers, Brent, Sunflower, The Arcata Coalition of Irresponsible Pet Owners, Slumpabouts for Peace or Whatever, The Way of the Tunic, Trimmigrants International, Queen Doubles, the Revolving Confederation of Petty Criminals, That One Guy Who Won’t Shut Up, the Insufferable Do-Gooders Guild, the Yaksmen’s Mobile Debating Society, Halitosis Humboldt, Dipshits Without Borders, Penny Popcorn Theatre (not pictured) and the Occupy Arcata Remembrance Society.


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