HCBMAA holds food drive Saturday in Downtown Arcata

HC Black Music and Arts Association

ARCATA – On Saturday, Feb. 27, from noon to 2 p.m., HC Black Music and Arts Association (HCBMAA) and community volunteers will be collecting food donations in Arcata.

Volunteers will gather at 11th and D streets in Arcata, then walk several routes to pick up food from people who can stand outside with their donations. Route 1 will go from 13th Street, down 14th street and down H Street to the Arcata Plaza. Route 2 will go down 12th and 11th streets to G Street then the Arcata Plaza. Route 3 will go from D Street to Seventh Street to I Street  to Eighth Street and end on the Arcata Plaza.

Volunteers are hoping to pick up bags of canned food and dried goods.

There will also will have a couple food box stations on the Arcata Plaza for people to donate food and multi-ethnic books. Volunteers are asking grocery stores to donate dried and canned food and two $25 gift cards so they can distribute the food and gift cards to families of color on Sunday, Feb.  28 from noon to 2 p.m. on D Street.

Part of Black History Liberation Month is putting our thoughts and words to action. Harambee (a community/relational world approach) is a call to people to help with certain goals and missions in their neighborhoods and community. 

During COVID-19, more families of color are struggling to provide foods on their table. Part of the Black culture is having access to fresh veggies and canned/dried foods to make ethnic foods that cultivates family engagement and retains cultural identity within the home.