Groundbreaking new works at Dell’Arte’s Thesis Festival

Dell’Arte International

BLUE LAKE –  The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre presents Thesis Festival 2019, featuring four groundbreaking new works of theatre created by this year’s graduating MFA class.

The festival marks the culmination of three years of graduate study by an international ensemble of theatre artists. This year’s new works include an eclectic array of theatrical investigations that embody the human capacity for transformation, cruelty and humor. 

 The Thesis Festival takes place Thursday, May 16 through Sunday, May 19 and Thursday, May 23 through Sunday, May 26 at 8 p.m. at the Carlo Theatre in Blue Lake.

The festival will show Go Below Yourself and Visions of a Crying Girl on Thursday May 16, Saturday, May 18, Friday, May 24 and Sunday, May 26.

The festival will show Kedma and Deshuesadaro Suite on Friday, May 17, Sunday May 19, Thursday, May 23  and Saturday, May 25.

Ticket holders will be able to bring their stubs in for admission to any subsequent evening in order to see all four plays. 

All tickets are pay-what-you-can. To reserve tickets, call (707) 668-5663. Appropriate for 15 years of age and up. 

 Thesis Festival 2019 shows include: 

Go Below Yourself

 Thrust into a bizarre afterlife, one brave soul attempts to escape. The unsettling inhabitants will play whatever game it takes to make her fall in love with her own darkness. She’s doomed. Nothing will stop her from transforming into the very thing she swore to oppose.

Created and performed by Melanie Schauwecker, Jesse March, Evan Grande, Kathryn Cesarz (USA), and Janie Pinard (Canada).

 Visions of A Crying Girl

 A couple struggles to connect, holding too tightly to a hope that never was. Through a language of dreams, they work through loss and torment, fighting for a chance to love each other as they once did.

Created and performed by Cleo DeOrio and Jordan Rosin (USA).


 A women enters her last stage of life, memories appear and weave the space between sky and earth. A round space, 8 masks, one life journey.  

The source of the word KE-D-MA in Hebrew and in Arabic KA-DA-MA means far ancient past and forward future. It also means east, where the sun rises, symbolizing the beginning and end of a day, and the turning of the earth. Kedma will take place outdoors, where it will be performed in the round.

Directed by Idit Kischinovsky (Israel)

Actor-creators: Idit Kischinovsky, Leslie Castellano, and Shawn Wagner (USA). Original music by Maggie Lally (USA).

 Deshuesadero Suite

 A dance of bodies looking for themselves. Human fragments willing to be recognized through an incredible journey of reconstruction. A beautiful and ridiculous game of harassment, torture and death.

Created and performed by Alfredo Romero, Carolina Pimentel, and Daniel Loyola (Mexico City).


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