Greg Orsini picked for MCSD manager


When Greg Orsini started with the McKinleyville Community Services District in 1990, he was literally working in the trenches.

As a utility worker (step 1, the lowest classification) Orsini dug out broken water lines, climbed into trenches to repair sewer pipes, painted and cleaned district facilities and did all the grunt work necessary to keep the town’s utilities up and running.

Now, nearly 23 years after he went to work for the MCSD, Orsini has been tapped by the Board of Directors for the top position – general manager.

The MCSD board met on Saturday, April 27, and interviewed five applicants – including Orsini – for the position. Later that day Orsini received a call from MCSD President Dennis Mayo informing him that the board wants him to be the general manager.

“I was very happy,” said Orsini, who added that becoming the district’s manager has been a long-term goal.

The MCSD board and Orsini still need to work out an employment contract, which will have to be approved at a public meeting. That may happen in June.

Orsini has served as the MCSD’s interim manager since the death of Manager Norman Shopay last November from a heart attack.

At its meeting On March 6, the MCSD board discussed finding a permanent manager. Director Bill Wennerholm made a motion to hire Orsini for the position. The motion died for lack of a second. Although President Dennis Mayo publicly supported the hiring of Orsini at the time, he was unable to second the motion due to board meeting rules which prohibit the president from seconding motions.

The other three directors – Helen Edwards, David Couch and John Corbett – said they wanted to choose a manager from a slate of applicants.

The following week, on March 12, the board voted 3-2, with Wennerholm and Mayo dissenting – to pay CPS HR Consulting of Sacramento $20,000 to find a manager.

The company recruited and screened applicants, five of which were interviewed Saturday.

A formal announcement may be made at the MCSD regular board meeting on Wednesday, May 1. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Azalea Hall, 1620 Pickett Road, Mckinleyville.


Congratulations to Greg Orsini, the soon-to-be general manager of the McKinleyville Community Services District. The MCSD board conducted interviews Saturday for the position and made a formal offer to Greg later that day.

Greg Orsini

Greg Orsini

Greg, who is serving as the interim manager of the district, started his career with the district working in the trenches. Literally. He was a utility worker (step 1). He was digging out broken water mains, crawling into trenches to replace sewer lines, painting facilities and doing all the grunt work.

He rose through the ranks and along the way acquired an education from the University of Hard Knocks. Now he's the head honcho.

An employment contract and other details still need to be worked out. More to come.


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  1. terri said:

    congrats to Greg Orsini for hanging in there and getting the General manager job. Good Thing! It is so sad that with todays slumping economy and People trying to save money on the backs of employees for spendings spree’s of let’s say “past people”. That the majority of the directors elected to speed >$20,000 for a head hunter to hire what was if front of them all the time. Makes me wonder. How about you?

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