From now on it’s called the Trinidad to Clam Beach Honoring Ford Hess Run

From the 1.16.13 edition


By Dori Fulk

Trinidad Chamber


The Trinidad to Clam Beach Honoring Ford Hess Run is fast approaching. It’s on Saturday Feb. 2, in the beautiful, scenic coastal Trinidad.

Two years ago the run was dedicated to its founder, Ford Hess, to honor the man who started it all and to let him know how important his contribution has been to this community.

Originally a practice track run, this race began over 40 years ago, expanding throughout the years. Family members and friends recount “when bib numbers were made up from scrap cloth pieces he had around his house” and has evolved into the three length run it is today.

There is 3 mile run, 5 3/4 mile run, and an 8 3/4 mile run. The race includes rough terrain, uneven surfaces, and an amazing scenic view. The 5 3/4 and the 8 ¾3/4mile runs include a river crossing and a sandy stretch to the finish line.

To say the least, it is an exciting and exhilarating course, appealing to those who desire that extra challenge. You can be sure to see Scott Pinske, Ford Hess’s grandson, and other members of his family in or involved in this race.

Formerly titled the Trinidad to Clam Beach Run, the race was renamed following Ford Hess’s passing in April of 2012. The Run has since been renamed as the Trinidad to Clam Beach Honoring Ford Hess Run in honor of its founder and remembrance of the great man who inspired many to live a healthier lifestyle.

By renaming the race, it is will serve as an annual reminder of the great man, Ford Hess, and the message he has given to this community to promote a healthier lifestyle. I ask everyone in this community to remember how the race originated and what the race has come to mean to so many year after year who take part in this Northern California tradition and to forever hold Ford Hess dear to our heart.

The beauty of this event is that it is designed to cater to those of all lifestyles. From the competitive runner to the casual walker, everyone has a chance to be a part of this spectacular event and take in all this course has to offer. Even if you have never participated in this event, please join us this year to honor Ford Hess, as our way to say Thank You, you will not be forgotten.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the race director Dori Fulk at 707-496-0186, by emailing [email protected], or by registering online at It is also never too late to contribute to this event. To become a sponsor, please contact the President of the Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce, Dennis Koutouzos at 707-677-9338. A portion of the proceeds goes toward the Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Funds.






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