Ferrer Gets Two Years Jail For Killing A Man

Juan Joseph Ferrer

Juan Joseph Ferrer

UPDATED 2.18.14 with edits & additional information

Kevin L. Hoover
Mad River Union

ARCATA – They aren’t suspects any more. Three Arcatans have pleaded no contest in the stabbing death of Douglas Anderson-Jordet last Nov. 25.

On Thursday, Feb. 13, Juan Joseph Ferrer, 35, admitted to aggravated involuntary manslaughter. Though initially charged with murder, the charge was reduced because, said Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo, he didn’t necessarily intend to kill Anderson-Jordet.

Nicholas Benjamin Stoiber, 28, pleaded no contest to assault with force likely to cause bodily injury without a weapon. He is free on his own recognizance, and will likely receive felony probation.

Sophie Buttercup Rocheleau, 24, who had initially faced that same charge, pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of misdemeanor battery. She is also free, and will receive probation.

Ferrer, who had no criminal record, could have escaped the aggravation penalty had he cooperated with authorities. That could have led to a possible sentence of two years. Someone with a criminal record might have been eligible for a two-year sentence, and a person who had committed similar acts could get four years.

Firpo said Ferrer’s response to the situation was unhelpful. He left town immediately afterward, initially denied the crime and refused to produce the knife used to kill Anerson-Jordet. “I interpreted that as aggravated,” Firpo said.

Ferrer has stipulated to a four-year sentence with 50 percent credit and three years probation, meaning he will serve two years. Because of realignment, he will spend that time in the Humboldt County Jail.

The three may also have to pay up to $10,000 each in restitution to Anderson-Jordet’s family as well.

The incident

The clash between the three and the victim apparently resulted from a random encounter at 12th and H streets. Anderson-Jordet, normally a reserved individual, was said to be more outspoken while under the influence of alcohol.

According to testimony from the accused, which was partially corroborated by a nearby resident who heard some of the yelling, Anderson-Jordet had aggressively insulted Rocheleau with homophobic and racial slurs, even making disparaging comments about her appearance.

The confrontation escalated from verbal to physical when Stoiber punched Anderson-Jordet in the mouth. This caused his teeth to split his lip from the inside. At some point, Ferrer produced a knife and stabbed the victim below the ribcage, but, Firpo said, “at such an angle that it penetrated the heart.” Anderson-Jordet then fell to the ground and was kicked by Rocheleau.

When the three left the scene, Anderson-Jordet was still alive and continuing verbal exchanges with the departing assailants. “All three claimed they didn’t know they had hurt him that bad, because he was still yelling when they walked away,” Firpo said.

Anderson-Jordet was later discovered lying on the corner, and died on the way to the hospital.

The investigation

APD began its investigation from a standing start, with no weapon or clues. Chapman said their initial approach was consistent with the age-old police adage of “GOYAKOD,” which stands for “get off your ass and knock on doors.”

“That’s how you solve cases,” Chapman said.

One door knock produced the earwitness, a nearby resident who overheard the yelling. Another knock yielded video from Humboldt Clothing Company, which captured images of the three walking north on H Street.

Police printed out a copy of the picture and asked around downtown. One person said, “Hey, that looks like Sophie.” An Internet search on “Arcata Sophie” turned up Rocheleau’s name, and she was contacted.

She and Stoiber were brought to APD and interviewed, then arrested. At the time, Chapman would only say that “a decision was made that there was sufficient evidence to make an arrest.”

More directly stated, they confessed.

“Oftentimes, people will try to minimize their involvement or try to protect others,” Chapman said. “But with experience and training in interviewing people, you can see through that.”

“Stoiber and Rocheleau were pretty straightforward,” Firpo said. “Mr. Ferrer never was.”

Chapman heaped praise on his “diligent” APD investigatory team, particularly Det. Sgt. Todd Dokweiler and Det. Chris Ortega. “I couldn’t be more proud of them,” he said. “Our officers did an outstanding job of putting this case together. I have great confidence in their investigative abilities, and it’s reflected in this case.”

He said the initial investigation produced some false leads, which the detectives winnowed out via “the tried and true method of researching the hell out of it.”

A knife which was initially taken as evidence turned out not to be the weapon used on Anderson-Jordet. That knife has never been recovered.

The aftermath

While two years jail may strike some as a light sentence for killing someone, Firpo said Anderson-Jordet’s family are satisifed with the  outcome, as is she.

According to Firpo, the family wasn’t interested in the matter going to trial, where the victim’s behavioral excesses would be publicized and scrutinized in detail. While normally a reserved individual, she said, “there was evidence from several sources that when he was intoxicated, his personality shifted,” Firpo said. “The family wanted disposition so as not to go through a trial.”


On Tuesday, DA candidate Allan Dollison condemned the plea deal. Click here for the candidate's statement.

Firpo asserts, “I think this is the right resolution in this case.”

“It was very unfortunate that Mr. Ferrer was carrying a knife,” Firpo said. “This should have been no more than a verbal kerfuffle that everyone walked away from.”

Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman agreed. “You don’t whip out a knife in a fist fight,” he said. “Nothing good is going to come of that. Walk away.”

Stoiber and Rocheleau are free on personal recognizance. Sentencing is set for April 3.

Ferrer is represented by Deputy Conflict Counsel Marek Reavis.



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  2. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    Pretty sure you voluntarily walked into this one the moment you began name calling, and insulting, and now you cant think of anything wise to say so you back down, and tell me to leave you alone? Look, I’m sorry for your loss.
    It’s a tad inappropriate to insult those you don’t know, over a situation you were not present at, In my opinion, No one was there aside of Douglas, and the other 3 involved, so in reality who really knows what went down. I will again state that I have known these guys for quite some time, and know them to be kind, non violent, and great people.

  3. kc said:

    Leave me alone. Doug was a great friend of mine. Killed for no reason. All they had to do is walk away. I don’t care what was said or the situation. This was uncalled for.

  4. kc said:

    Really dude! There is no excuse for killing someone. They will get theirs when they die and kama gets them. Their fate is sealed now.

  5. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    Where exactly are you getting your information? I haven’t read a single sentence stating they just “went out, beat people up, and stabbed them.” You are so quick to judge people you don’t know, based on your own mental renditions of a story you read online.

  6. kc said:

    So people who are not mentality unstable just go and beat up people and then stab them! ?? What ever.

  7. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    I assure you these people are not “fucked up people, with mental problems.”

  8. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    What kind of people stab others for “good Reason”?

  9. freakadazoo said:

    Yea…..I’m angry….I knew the victim and considered this attack by these 3 an aggressive act. My insults are directed at all three……..I don’t care what you think of me or my insulting comments I have made about these 3 stooges.

  10. kc said:

    What!! Who does that. Loving and kind individual’s don’t chase a person down, beat them up, and stab them leaving them to suffer and die!!! If he has kids they should be taken out of his care.

  11. kc said:

    I agree. Ferrer is a fucked up individual. “Soft spoken” or not he has mental problems. To be able to allow yourself to do what he did to Doug is unacceptable. Same with the other two.

  12. kc said:

    I don’t know who you are but Doug was a good man. He was murdered. The 3 that beat him up and killed him don’t deserve to live. They took his life. Even if words were thrown around in a heated way there is no excuse for violence and taking a person’s life.

  13. kc said:

    The real matter of subject is these people killed a man. Karma will get them and they will get what they deserve when they die too.

  14. kc said:

    The knife was forced into him. Who just falls into a knife after they are laying on the ground after being beat up???!!!!!

  15. kc said:

    Rite on. I agree completely. Fucked up people stab others for no good reason.

  16. kc said:

    Yes they are. They beat up my friend and then killed him. Fuck them.

  17. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    I will say this, I’ve had a fairly boring day, so boring I had the chance to skim through all 100 of your comments you have posted about this matter as well as others. You start personal arguments, insult people you don’t know, and call names, and therefore I will no longer take anything that you comment seriously. Originally I was making a point that people are too quick to judge others, and call names. I have not once said anything to justify what these 3 have done, I have read mostly rude, insulting and threatening comments from you as well as a few others. It really seems to me that people who knew the three haven’t said anything threatening or disrespectful. So before you go opening your mouth around the streets of Arcata to let these so called “creeps” know what you think, maybe you should consider your own actions first.

  18. freakadazoo said:

    What are you talking about? The fat dude stabbed the victim in the rib cage area at an angle that entered the heart…the weapon was not recovered…now you are blaming the sidewalk for the victims death? HE WAS STABBED…he died as a result of that action. What’s your point? You are their friend so you are making excuses for their violent behavior?

  19. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    It seems as though my statements are being taken personally. I completely understand that what these 3 did was not right, but know that they more than understand this as well.

  20. duffelfan said:


    Most of you have met me at one time or another; or maybe you just know me by the illustrations attached to Doug’s illustrious stories. Either way, I’m here to stay.

    I met Douglas Anderson (now Anderson-Jordet) here in St. Cloud on a cold and dark night, and by spring we were making arrangements for the sun to always shine (to wed, of course). So, we did just that on September 1st. It couldn’t be any better. I’m still here in Minnesota and every day this winter has been a bright one.

    As Doug mentioned in his introduction, I work in a bookstore. It was always a juvenile dream of mine. The dream of what I fashioned to be the perfect job. Finally, as an adult with a college education, I’ve been hired into one. It is, in a way, somewhat dreamy, but I often find myself dreaming at work of what I could be doing. So, I’m surrounded by books and find plenty to read. That’s what I like to do on those days that call for it.

    I’ve made a few jobs in town as a graphic designer, which allows me to sleep better at night, since that’s what I went to school for. Without this sounding too much like a classifieds personal, I should also mention that I paint. I don’t paint houses (although I used to). I paint pictures. My pictures aren’t “pretty” and some have titled them “confused emotions,” but I’ll put that aside and say that I paint emotion. It’s open to interpretation.

    Aside from work, there is play. Just like Doug, I like to fish. I don’t know if it’s so much the act of fishing or something much more, like being out there and seeing the shadows change as the sun sets. I love to be outside. Well, when the temperature permits.

    The most important thing is that I happened upon a beautiful man who supports what I think and do. That’s pretty difficult to come by. That’s ME in a nutshell.


  21. Jesse said:

    In Florida white people have the right to murder unarmed children…that’s your justification for murder? Doug was walking home from work. He wasn’t a tweaker, and he wasn’t chasing anybody, you dumb ass.

  22. Jesse said:

    Do YOU know Doug? No, you don’t, because your “loving” and “kind” Juan stabbed him to death. He is a murderer and a huge threat to your community.

  23. Jesse said:

    I have known Doug since 1988. He has never been a racist or a homophobe. Yet, when 3 MURDERERS need to plea for mercy, he suddenly becomes someone he has never been? Those 3 punk ass MURDERERS lied to get out of trouble, and Arcata’s inept cops and prosecuters boight that shit?! Inexcusable! And, now, Arcata’s so-called journalists are printing this bullshit as the truth? Those 3 MURDERERS killed Doug and never gave him a chance to speak for himself. They lied about him. And now Arcata cops are on the killers’ side?! Unbelievable! I guess it’s true; if real justice is ever to be served, the people have to take it upon themselves. 3 cold blooded murderers were let off with a slap on the wrist, Arcata. Those of us who knew Doug, know that this story is all lies. How does that make you feel?

  24. Grenble said:

    Obviously he would have been safer driving home with no license.

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  26. OregonDad said:

    I did know Juan. He is a good man, loving family man, very protective of his family. That picture you see is taken out of context easily. Yes, its unfortunate that someone lost their life, that can’t be taken back. I feel horrible for the Anderson’s family, and Juan’s. Juan was protecting his “family”, we don’t know what words were exchanged, or how bad & quickly it escalated, and to what level. In order for Juan to pull a knife, he felt threatened, and needed to protect, he would never go out of his way to inflict pain on someone. Looks are deceiving, don’t judge someone by their looks. At this point all we can do is wish the families the best through these hard times, and support them.

  27. freakadazoo said:

    Well maybe that is were the attacker got rid of the murder weapon….off the golden gate bridge, and most likely plotted out their version of the incident.

  28. freakadazoo said:

    Really? How can you state that they are “no threat by any means”? Pulling out a knife and sticking it into a persons stomach? Kicking a person who is mortally wounded while he is on the ground? Yea right……they sound like real up standing citizens. Maybe in your world…in my world I consider them very, very creepy people..and when I see them on the streets I will let them know how I feel.

  29. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    I am a local born and raised here, I see the sentencing to be just, some may consider my opinion to be bias, as I happen to know 2 of the people involved very well. I do know that the plan to go out of town was made over a month prior to the incident, I was invited along with them, but was out of town. I know only what I’ve read in the local news.

  30. Grenble said:

    If the opposite was true and one of the others was killed, two years
    would be acceptable to you? Maybe laws are different where you live. I
    know this would never fly here. I understand there is a jail crowding

    My biggest concern is if you were involved
    in an altercation and you defended yourself– why didn’t you call the
    police knowing that you had produced the potential for deadly force by
    stabbing someone? At the very least that may have saved his life. As
    someone who has a license for conceal carry, rule one is: if it comes
    out of the holster (even if no shots are fired) 911 must be called. I
    would think the same would hold true of the knife.

    sure some things can be explained, but there are so many troubling
    facts. Perhaps you do know more, but it seems a lot of evidence, was
    never bothered to be reviewed or considered.

    Why did two defendants leave town directly after the murder?

    Why has the weapon used not been recovered?

    What was the ABV of the defendants? (obviously days later we will never know)

    Also, I didn’t meant to imply that you were happy that the outcome was murder, only questioning the sentencing.

  31. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    I wouldn’t be “Happy” with the outcome. I never said i was “Happy” with the current outcome. The situation in general doesn’t make me “happy” I don’t think that the situation was handled properly, I do think 2 years is a fair sentencing.

  32. Grenble said:

    What is an acceptable measurement of punishment for taking a person’s life? To be honest, I am not sure.

  33. Grenble said:

    You have to understand if the situation was reversed, would you be happy with the outcome?

  34. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    Grendle, I agree, the situation was clearly handled incorrectly. However, these people are not threats by any means.

  35. firesidechet said:

    A soft on crime approach is what you can expect in a head up their ass liberal community such as ours. A two year sentence is ridiculous.

  36. Grenble said:

    If by tweaker, you mean an intoxicated old man, then yes I’m sure your point is valid. How does an intoxicated 50 year old man pose a threat to three people half his age? I’m sure he insulted them in some way they just couldn’t forgive him for. Well, I am glad their honor has been restored and everything in the world is right.

  37. Grenble said:

    I’m also sure all people have redeeming qualities, that doesn’t excuse bad judgement and unnecessary use of force. It’s not like they just beat the man up; they killed him.

  38. Grenble said:

    I’m sure everyone was partially to blame, but there is never a good reason to kill someone. I’m also pretty sure that three on one is not a fair fight, not to mention the difference in age. Not many fifty year old men would pose a threat to me.

  39. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    Ya, that’s exactly what I said… Clearly you have never met these people.

  40. Grenble said:

    Chasing him to his own home? Anderson was killed two blocks from his home.

  41. Llerrad Enyaw Skoorbloh said:

    Do you know Juan? A lot of people take pictures of themselves with guns, doesn’t make them a bad person. Juan had many other pictures of himself, he is a loving and a very kind person, who is not a threat to our community.

  42. NoMercy said:

    In Florida Ferrer would have been in his rights to shoot Anderson dead. Some day when some tweaker is chasing you we’ll see how you feel about this poor “victim”.

  43. Light Crust Doughboy said:

    If Douglas Anderson-Jorde’s life was worth only two years in County Jail, none of us is safe. To some people, a two-year stint in jail doesn’t amount to much of a deterrent.

  44. dgale said:

    That is outrageous – how do you pull out a knife and stab someone in the heart and not intend to kill them? Two years in County jail? Wow…I guess I know who I won’t vote for in the upcoming DA election.