Father, daughter rescued at North Jetty

A television reporter walks out to the North Jetty towards the location of where a father and his daughter were rescued from the water. Jack Durham | Union

Jack Durham
Mad River Union

SAMOA PENINSULA – A woman who fell into the water at the North Jetty, and a father who jumped in to save her, were successfully rescued shortly after 1 p.m. today, Aug. 16. Both suffered minor abrasions, but were otherwise unharmed.

Robert Blubaugh shows the injuries he received on his arms and legs from the rocks of the north Jetty. Jack Durham | Union

Robert Blubaugh of Yreka said his 29-year-old daughter, Robin Graika, is severely autistic and doesn’t have a clear sense of danger. As she was climbing with wild abandon on the rocks which line the treacherous entrance to Humboldt Bay, she slipped and fell into the water.
Blubaugh said he jumped in to rescue her. 

“I jumped in and went around some rocks to get her,” he said.

Both  found themselves chest deep in water, with waves at times splashing their faces. Blubaugh said he was able to hold on to his daughter, but soon realized that he would be unable to climb up the slippery rocks. That’s when his wife called 911 for help.

Firefighters with the Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District, with mutual aid from other fire departments and the Sheriff’s Office, raced down Old Navy Base Road to the scene.

When rescuers arrived, “I asked for a rope because I couldn’t hold on anymore,” Blubaugh said.

Eventually, firefighters lowered a ladder down to the water. Blubaugh said at first he had trouble convincing his daughter to climb up the ladder, but eventually she did so, and he followed.

Asked what he was thinking as they climbed their way to safety, Blubaugh said “Oh, thank God she’s safe! That’s all I could think of.”

Blubaugh said his family is visiting Humboldt County for a few days to get away from the wildfire smoke in Yreka.

A ladder is lowered to help rescue the father and daughter. Photo courtesy Rica Olson


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