Farmers’ Market shines

NEW TO THE MARKET Doug and Leslie McMurray of Jameson Creek Ranch.
Janine Volkmar | Union

Saturday Joy: Alibi breakfast with friends, dancing on the Plaza to Vintage Soul afterwards – yes, it's back – the Farmers' Market!

Even though rain had been forecast, the sun came out Saturday and the Plaza was filled with vendors, farmers, and grateful shoppers.

Leslie and Doug McMurray of Jameson Creek Ranch were there on their very first time with a booth, selling vegetable and flower starts and cut flowers.

Leslie McMurray described the flowers she will be bringing in poetic terms.

“There’s nothing so wonderful as old garden roses,” she said. “They are more perishable than other cut flowers but the romance of that fragrance, ahh ...”

Even though the couple raises New Zealand Kiko goats, their main thrust will be garden roses and other cut flowers. They have a long list of flowers that includes 45 different roses.

They will be selling bouquets and can help folks who are doing their own flowers for a wedding or events such as a tea party or quinceañera, according to Leslie McMurray.

“When you are a bride, you bend your head down to your bouquet and get that heady fragrance,” she said, smiling in reminiscence.

Jameson Creek Ranch is a family farm near Fortuna. The couple started the ranch in 2012. They sell meat from their goats through established customers, so they won't be bringing meat to the market.

“We’ve been selling goats as pets, too,” Leslie McMurray said. “There is a lot of interest in gentle goats.”

The ranch has 40 acres but she describes it as a “small farm.” Their flowers are mostly grown outside although they now have a greenhouse.

“I’m really off to a start,” she said. “I’d love to have contracts with offices or restaurants.”

In the meantime, their sunflower starts were flying off the table to happy customers and their bouquets had almost sold out.Welcome to the market, Leslie and Doug!

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