equity arcata offers gratitude, plans for next caring outreach

Dear Arcata,

equity arcata’s Home Away From Home Working Group would like to thank the community for their generosity and support. As some of you may know, we have hosted physically-distant food and free stuff distributions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which have provided free meals, PPE and household supplies to 570 local college students. We could not have done this without the generous contributions of many individuals, businesses and nonprofits in our community.

We would first like to take the opportunity to offer our heartfelt thanks to the partners who made our distributions possible with generous grant funding including Coast Central Credit Union, the Humboldt Area Foundation, Humboldt State University, the California Center for Rural Policy at HSU, and the City of Arcata. 

We would also like to thank the countless community members and organizations who made free stuff donations, including Black Humboldt, Humboldt Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity and the Humboldt Period Project. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the local food venders whose delectable meals we were able to distribute, including A Taste of Bim, Taqueria La Barca, Roman’s Kitchen and Los Giles Taqueria. Last, but certainly not least, we would also like to thank every volunteer who helped along the way.

After hearing that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) students often felt unwelcome or even unsafe in Arcata, our working group was formed to help build a bridge between college students and the broader community. 

We know that college students throughout Humboldt County make our region a more vibrant place and that it is important for us to come together as a community to let them know that we welcome them. 

These distributions are one small way that we are able to show we care, and it is our hope that students who attended left knowing they are supported in Arcata.

We are still actively working to host more distributions, and would like to thank the North Coast Co-op for providing grant funding so we can have another one soon. 

Due to rising the COVID-19 case count, we have postponed this distribution, but we still wanted to welcome Humboldt State University students to campus this semester. 

We will be partnering with the Centers for Academic Excellence at HSU to offer free stuff bags filled with household supplies, school supplies, gift cards to local businesses, and nonperishable food items to students the week of September 13. 

We have already received generous donations from the Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise, Wildberries Marketplace, GHD Inc.’s Black Empowerment, Action, Teamwork & Success (BEATS) employee resource group, and we would like to thank all involved in making that happen.

We look forward to seeing students from HSU, CR and Dell’Arte at our next distribution when it is safer to do so. If community members are interested in making a household supply, school supply, 8 to 16 gigabyte USB flash drive, nonperishable food or gift card donation, a dropoff station will be set up at Arcata City Hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 7 through Friday, Sept. 10. 

For more information on what type of donations will be accepted, please email [email protected] or call (707) 825-2174. 

To learn more about volunteering with us or to find more information about our working group, please visit equityarcata.com.

With appreciation,

Sergio Berrueta, Wesley Chesbro, Rebecca Crow, Cati Gallardo, Gino Grandos, Anne Hartline, Romi Hitchcock-Tinset, Gillen Martin and Marylyn Paik-Nicely

equity arcata’s Home Away from Home Working Group, (707) 822-5953 or (707) 527-7239

August 27, 2021



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