Driscoll to kick off campaign with tree planting

100 TREES Uri Driscoll with some of the shore pines.            Submitted photo

100 TREES Uri Driscoll with some of the shore pines. Submitted photo

Uri Driscoll Campaign

MANILA – Come join Uri Driscoll and his team for the campaign kick-off for District Three Supervisor at the Manila Community Center playground Saturday, Jan. 2.

One of the featured events will be helping to build a native dune forest. There are 100 native shore pine trees to plant in the neighboring dunes.

Pick a place to plant a small family grove or a tree for a favorite pet or loved one.

Trees will be provided. If you have a shovel, bring it along.FacebookLikeButton.THISONE

Tree planting starts at 11 a.m. and lunch starts at noon.

Bring your kids, your dogs, your horses and a New Year spirit to get treated to a bowl full of “Wild Dutch Oven Dick’s” famous chill-killin’ chili and cornbread and hot mulled cider.

Rain date is the following Saturday Jan. 9. Light showers will not postpone.

For more information and to RSVP, contact Uri Driscoll at (707) 496-2122 or email [email protected] Check him out on the web at UriDriscoll.com.


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  1. 2016 Draft Options said:

    The sticky mess of she loves me, she loves me not. Darned John Woolley pulling pedals, yes you can plant, but secretly for now, later you can’t plant.

    Smells fishy.

  2. Dan said:

    This might have been a first, Manila CSD is the Contractor
    and also is the Lead Agent (CEQA)! The losses went to Manila’s integrity, wildlife, wetlands and stability while sadly the cash went to Friends of the Dunes. An investigation is needed
    but the cops, Merrill at the Coastal Commission and Lovelace at the County (Responsible Agent) are in full blown cover-up mode. Millions of Habitat Conservation Funds, legislated wetland enhancement money- used to drain wetlands during a period of rising sea-level.
    What fun!

  3. 2016 Draft Options said:

    Who are the contractors?

    Coastal Commission Construction Services?

    Wetland Remodel Services?

    Manila Restoration Construction Company?

    The Twilight Zone?

    Got stupid?

  4. Dan said:

    About time!
    The community of Manila has been promised for years that our
    contractors would plant trees and plan for forests.
    They were less than honest.
    Uri, thanks for standing-up for our forests, wetlands, wildlife
    and especially for us on the coast, our resilience.

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