Dogtown: You’ll go cuckoo for Coco, and maybe Mali too

We get all kinds of dogs in at the shelter. It can be quite the guessing game trying to figure out what sort of breed heritage they might have! 

Not that it really matters, but it is still a way that dogs are identified on their kennel cards and on, where you can see the available dogs and cats. 

Coco here is listed as a chocolate Labrador Retriever mix. Up close, her features seem more delicate than a Lab; maybe she is a Kelpie or another kind of cattle dog? Hard to say, and DNA tests are a little too expensive to use on the shelter dogs. 


One of my dogs, Rudy, was born at our house and the adopters of his mom and siblings were all curious about their breed. They are all listed as shepherd mixes at their respective vets. When the DNA test came back – surprise! – no shepherd at all. 

A large part of their heritage was some sort of cocker Spaniel. Who knows?  But back to pretty Coco. She is a little smaller than your average Lab and has a lovely chocolate coat. She has been very friendly to all the people that she has met and is quite popular with the volunteers. 

Coco is pretty good on the leash and likes to stay close to her person. She is only about a year old. With her possible Lab and cow dog background, she should be eager to learn and very easy to train. Coco is at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. 

She is spayed, microchipped and current on vaccinations and all ready to meet you. Stop on by and see if this is the dog for you! 


Looking for a temporary office companion? Our Miss Mali spent most of December in the lobby of the Blue Lake Casino’s hotel working her charms as an ambassador of the shelter. Mali is an 8-year-old shepherd mix that is waiting on knee surgery. 

She was just cleared to move forward with the surgery, which could still be as much as a month away, and then there will be a recovery period after that. Mali is very good-natured and is happy to lounge around and give her humans some good company.

She was friendly with everyone (including children) that came through the casino during her stint there and now has taken up residency in the front office of the shelter during open hours.  

Mali is well housebroken and only requires the occasional short potty break. She does love her treats, and will sneak up on your lunch if left unattended, but that is about as naughty as she gets! Mali is looking for a foster home to see her through her surgery and recovery. She is not a fan of dogs that want to play, as that can be painful for her, but might work in a home with a quieter dog. 

All of Mali’s medical needs are taken care of by the shelter; the foster is just responsible for providing love and shelter. Please contact Redwood Pals at [email protected] or call (707) 633-8842 if you would like to meet Mali. You can also stop in at the shelter to meet her; she’ll probably be right up front waiting to meet you!



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