Dogtown: The weather outside is frightful, but these shelter pups are so delightful

We have had some great adoptions lately at the shelter. Two of our longest residents, Pittie girls Porsche and Gloria both found their forever homes this week! Gloria would have been at the shelter a year next week. Volunteers and staff could not be happier for her!

 I think she made it into this column a few times. Gloria led a double life – chubby, drooly, stressed black and white Pit Bull at the shelter, relaxed, obedient, perfect doggie at volunteer Jamie’s house on the weekends. It was hard to convince potential adopters of her secret life when they saw her in her kennel… But this was the week that a woman came in and took her, despite crazy Gloria-ness during the adoption. 

How was she when she got home? Perfect! The adopter says she couldn’t have asked for a better companion. We are grateful for the persistence of our volunteers in promoting  the seemingly less adoptable dogs. We have a photo album on our Humboldt County Animal Shelter Facebook page that shows shelter dogs on outings and overnights with the volunteers. This is a great place to see how the dogs are in a less chaotic setting. Take a look when you have a chance!

The shelter continues to be full and that presents all kinds of challenges for us at Redwood Pals Rescue. We try to make sure that both the adoptable dogs and our rescue dogs get out for walks and attention, while trying to evaluate the rescue dogs and see what options will be open to them. 

This week we have helped to get one very shut down cow dog out of the shelter and into a home where his curious and happy self can come out, sent five little puppies to a rescue after they came in with a mom that had rejected them, and found adopters and fosters for a couple more dogs. It never seems to be enough as we turn around and the shelter is full again. 


Roy is a dog that would love the chance to show what he is capable of. Roy is a 3-year-old Border Collie. He came to the shelter pretty short on fur on the back end, but with a good diet has regained his lovely coat. Roy’s cute Santa photo drew lots of attention when it went up on the shelter’s Facebook page, but people who have come to see him have not adopted. Roy is a good example of a dog that has been in the shelter awhile. 

He is used to his routine with the volunteers and doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve when meeting new people. As a result, he comes off looking aloof and disinterested, though if potential adopters noted how he watches the volunteers when they are meeting him, they would get a better idea of his personality. 

He is quite loyal to the people he knows and not overly interested in those he doesn’t yet know. Volunteers have found Roy to be a smart and obedient dog. He is fine around other dogs but hasn’t shown any great interest in playing with them. He would be happy with or without dog companions and would really just like to have a special human. Roy is very good on the leash and knows his basic commands. He is a nice size, probably 45-50 pounds (hard to tell under that thick coat!) and as seen in his photo, is patient with things like being dressed up! Roy is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations. He is available from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. The shelter is open the rest of this week and then closed for four days with the weekend and the Christmas holiday. Let’s get some of these dogs into their new homes before Christmas! More information is at (707)840-9132.


One dog we’ve been working with for quite a while is our very big friend Midas. Two-year-old Midas weighs about 100 pounds and is some mysterious mix, maybe German Shepherd with something else? Maybe no shepherd at all – who knows? Midas is literally too big for the shelter. He actually passed his temperament testing with flying colors, but his size makes him almost as big as some of the volunteers that would have been walking him and the shelter chose not to put him up for adoption. 

We have been walking him and trying to figure out what would be best for him. We have found that he is quite dog-friendly. Our rescue girls love him and many of the shyest ones have come out of their shells if they get a chance to walk with him. 

He seems to be friendly with males that are friendly to him, and turned tail and ran away when one male was reactive to him. But of course with his size, we are more cautious with introductions than we might be with a smaller dog. We finally decided the best thing for Midas would be to send him to a rescue in Seattle that has more of an emphasis on big dogs. 

All was going along well until we tested him for heartworm and he came back positive. The Seattle rescue will still take him once he has been treated, but that will take over a month and we will need to get him out of the shelter before that. He is getting neutered this week and we would love to find him a foster. Does anyone have some room for a big dog while he undergoes his heartworm treatment? He is really a sweetheart and we were so excited that he would be going on to a better situation. He has been very gentle with puppies and female dogs. Please contact us if you might be able to foster or if you would like more information. We can be reached at [email protected] or by calling (707) 839-9692.



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