Dogtown: The gentlest of giants, Kevin and Diego

Hi. Hank here, This is my once a year chance to write Mom’s Dogtown column and I’m not going to miss it! 

I would usually be reporting on the Kinetic Sculpture Race but for the second year in a row, the event was cancelled. My family races Sparky the Kinetic Foster Dog, modeled after yours truly, each year in the race. I get to bring some friends from Redwood Pals and the shelter to parade around with Sparky at the Plaza and help the other dogs find their forever homes. And it works! 

We are looking forward to getting back to it next year. We did help one dog find her forever home during the pandemic and that home is with us. That’s Fern sitting on me in the photo. I’m getting to be kind of an old guy and I’d like to teach Fern about Kinetics and get in a few more trips with Sparky before I hang up my leash.

Fern and I sometimes help Mom at the shelter. Here are a couple of big guys we think you should know about.


Kevin is a five year old Anatolian Shepherd. Everyone calls him a gentle giant. He loves other dogs and has been observed to be friendly with cats, ducks and chickens as well. He is a shy guy at first and doesn’t like to roam far from the kennels until he feels more confident. He is very well house broken and walks gently on the leash. Kevin weighs in at 100 pounds but is not a super high energy dog. He loves a good romp with another dog but is happy to lounge or get pets and attention when the play is over. Kevin dog will be a great addition to a home with another dog and friendly people who will continue his training and confidence building. He is very loyal to his volunteer friends.

Another big fellow that’s new to the shelter is Diego. He isn’t even a year old yet and is just a big friendly puppy! Diego is a Dogo Argentino (or more likely a mix), a breed developed in Argentina for hunting big game like wild boar. They are known as cheerful dogs and Diego is certainly a good example of that! He is one big wiggle when people or dogs come to see him. This even after a previous owner gave him cropped ears. Why do people do that?


Fortunately Diego isn’t holding a grudge. He is easy on the leash and loves to be pet and to sit on your feet. He is already learning some obedience and is eager for more. Diego would also be thrilled to have a dog buddy at home but would happily be a human’s best friend also. He would probably enjoy an active home where training and mental exercise will be a part. Diego currently weighs in at about 80 pounds.

Kevin and Diego will both be neutered, micro-chipped and current on their vaccinations by the time of their adoption. They are available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. The shelter is still doing dog intros by appointment so call (707) 840-9132 to schedule a meet and greet. The shelter will start having extended hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays again beginning June 15. Currently they are open Monday through  Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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