Dogtown: The cuddly B-Boys are ready for adoption

The B-Boys are here! Nine fat puppy boys, who have all been given names that start with B, are finally available for adoption at the shelter.

These boys came in to the shelter with their mama, Smokey, and two sisters that have already been adopted, at just a week or so old.

Neighbors reported animals in a house that had been abandoned and animal control found the mama and her babies there.

Fortunately the neighbors had been putting out water and food for Smokey, so everyone was OK. When the family was examined at the shelter, it was discovered that they all had ringworm. Ringworm is not actually a parasite but a fungal infection that causes a ring-like mark on the host.

Treatment was slow but the puppies grew and flourished in every other way while they waited. Some of the volunteers helped with the twice-a-week puppy bathing.

Four of the nine puppybutts.

Squeals and laughter could be heard while passing the grooming room! The pups were very good sports about being washed and dried. By the time the puppies completed their treatment, they were much bigger and their one-room apartment was getting a little crowded.

Unfortunately that resulted in a different puppy problem that affected their tummies and they had one more hurdle to cross before going up for adoption.

The puppies were spread out over three kennels to give them a little room, treated for the bug, and finally they are ready for their forever homes.

We have had such fun this last week while we introduce the puppies to leashes and get them out in the play yard for some romping time!


They are very gentle and cuddly. Running away is the last thing these pups want to do; they happily follow right behind us while walking out to the play yard, even without a leash.

These are three-month-old pit bull mixes. Mama Smokey looked like she could have been Lab, Shepherd or Kelpie and Pit Bull.

Her puppies seem to have inherited the easy-going nature that resulted in adoption for mama as soon as she was available.

The puppies are mostly gray or black, with one that is black and white and one that is gray with tan legs. They all went to the vet for neutering last Friday and are ready to go home this week. The bigger ones will be large dogs, probably in the 70-pound range.

There is a spunky little runt boy who will likely be quite a bit smaller, and several in between.

The Humboldt County Animal Shelter is located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville (near the airport). More info is available at (707) 840-9132.



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