Dogtown: Sweet Kimmie needs a foster, Baloo prefers playing, pets, brushings

PAWS ON PARADE Redwood Pals Rescue on the march. Photos by Marr Filar | Union

Redwood Pals Rescue had a fun time at Arcata’s Fourth of July parade! Maybe you saw us. We brought three shelter dogs – Tico, Rosie and Kimmie – to accompany Sparky the Kinetic Foster Dog. 

My old guy Hank came along for moral support as he is quite the veteran of Kinetics and parades. 

We were so pleased with how well the dogs behaved with the crowds and the loud noises! They were happy to receive pets and hugs from the children and adults that came over to meet them. We could see their noses twitching when the llamas caught up to us at the end of the parade but the dogs still managed to maintain their composure!

Sweet Kimmie is the eighth dog to come into the shelter this year who has tested positive for heartworm.  

We are looking for a foster home where Kimmie can go through her treatment. Fosters do get the first opportunity to adopt and whoever fosters this girl will never want to let her go! 


Kimmie is about nine years old and gets along with everyone. Hank gives her two paws up! She likes a nice walk or a good snuggle. She is so good-natured and is a wonderful ambassador for the bully breeds. The foster gets the fun of dog ownership without the financial obligation of her treatment. All medical expenses are covered by the shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund. 

The treatment time is generally around two months, possibly a little longer to accommodate the pre-treatment which hasn’t started yet. 

If you would like more information about Kimmie or fostering, please call the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at (707) 840-9132 or email Redwood Pals at r[email protected].

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Redwood Pals has some dogs we’d like to find fosters or adopters for also. Summer can be a slower time for adoptions and we don’t want to see the shelter fill up. 


One of our available fellows is Baloo. Baloo is a five-year-old shepherd-y mix. He is a bigger guy that loves a good game of fetch or a dip in the wading pool. 

Baloo is quite popular with the female dogs though he really isn’t a big player, much preferring his toys to rowdy play with other dogs. 

He is always sitting very politely when we come to leash him up for a walk and knows a variety of commands. 

Baloo has an old injury to one ear that is a little sensitive but we have found that all he needs is some gentle handling to gain his trust. 

He loves being pet or brushed and has a lovely thick black coat. Baloo would probably do best in a home without cats. 

If you’re looking for a good companion, come meet Baloo! For more information about adopting or fostering Baloo or any of our other dogs, please contact Redwood Pals Rescue by voicemail at (707) 633-8842 or email at [email protected].



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