Dogtown: Stevie’s fit for fun, Colt redefines friendship

Week 26. I hope everyone reading this is safe from the fires. What a scary time this is! I spent last Friday afternoon driving animal care supplies from the County Shelter down to the fairgrounds in Ferndale where Animal Control is setting up for evacuees. Our volunteers are on standby to come care for any dogs, cats or small animals that arrive from the fires. By Saturday morning the only requests  had been from some of the folks camping on the fairgrounds that needed pet food for their animals that were with them.

Back at the shelter we are trying to find the balance between allowing the dogs to get some exercise and keeping canines and humans safe from too much smoke. Good thing for the humans that we are already wearing masks!

Two nice young dogs that are available for adoption are Stevie and Colt.  

Stevie is an older pup, around eight or nine months. He is a mixed-breed boy. Could be a little shepherd, a little cattle dog; it’s hard to say.  When Stevie came to the shelter he was missing a fair amount of hair from non-contagious mange and also had an injury to his leg. Poor guy had broken his leg at some point and it had healed in an odd way. Clearly no veterinary care had been involved in that…


Stevie has been in a foster home for about a month while his hair grew back and we tried to decide what would be best for him regarding his leg. The vets say that it can’t be corrected so the choices were keep it or amputate. After a month of beach walks, active play and more, we have decided that he seems to be doing well enough to keep it! His foster describes Stevie as a great dog, playful with other dogs and respectful of her cat. 

He loves the beach and the forest and has stayed close when off the leash at those places. She helps him in and out of the car but otherwise he uses his leg for running, digging and playing. Stevie is a nice medium size, about 40 pounds. He is housebroken, neutered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations. He’s had lots of fun at his foster home with a big male dog. We look forward to finding him his forever home where he will never have to worry about being neglected again.


Colt came to the shelter after Stevie left for his foster home so the two haven’t met. They are both so playful and dog-friendly we know that they would have been good friends had they overlapped! Colt Colt is a tall, slender 2-year-old boy weighing in at about 60 pounds. He is listed as an Anatolian Shepherd mix but as we always say, it is hard to tell exactly what’s in that mix. Everyone that meets him comments on how he is such a nice dog! He is always happy to make a new human or canine friend. Colt sometimes forgets his manners and jumps with excitement when he meets someone new but quickly corrects himself. He is an eager learner and wants to please. He enjoys playing with the toys in the play yard, especially the rope balls. 

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Colt is a friendly, good natured, sweet boy who is going to make a wonderful addition to someone’s home. He loves to meet and play with other dogs and would make a good second dog for a family. Colt is also neutered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations. We assume that he is housebroken but he has not been in a house in the time we’ve had with him.

Both Stevie and Colt are available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. The shelter is still doing all public interactions by appointment so give a call if you’d like to meet these boys. The shelter can be reached at (707) 840-9132 Monday through Friday.



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