Dogtown: Stevie and Teddy are looking for foster homes

Week 19 of shelter in place. Things are going pretty well at the shelter. More stray dogs have been showing up but adoptions are also continuing. For the cat lovers out there, the number of available cats is also increasing. There are also quite a few kittens that are almost ready to go up for adoption. Keep watching the available dogs and cats at

In order to keep the shelter population down, sometimes Redwood Pals Rescue and the shelter work together to transfer dogs to other rescues where the dog may have a better opportunity for adoption. By month’s end we will have arranged for at least six dogs to go off to breed specific rescues, including a very sweet blind Labrador who went to Golden Gate Lab Rescue and a 100 pound Malamute who is headed to Washington! We are grateful for our partnerships with other rescue groups on the West Coast.

The shelter currently has two dogs that came in with injuries. These dogs have passed temperament testing but are not yet adoptable as they await treatment. We could use fosters for these dogs while their conditions are resolved. This is a great opportunity to have a dog for a while without that permanent commitment!

The first dog is young Stevie. He is about six months old and has an injury – possibly an old break – to one leg plus splotchy hair loss from demodectic (the non-contagious kind) mange. We have seen photos of this pup on Facebook from a time when he had more hair and no broken leg. Sometimes it’s better if we don’t spend too much time thinking about how he went from there to this…


Despite whatever may have happened to him previously, Stevie is a cheerful little guy and has already won over the returning volunteers! He is friendly with both humans and other dogs. He is playful and good on the leash, but currently is not a good candidate for long walks as his leg starts to bother him. He is scheduled for a vet appointment this week and should have a treatment plan by the time this paper is in your hand. Stevie would love to be part of your family while he heals up!

Stevie is about 30 pounds now and looks like he will be a medium-sized dog at full growth. Our other available foster is Teddy. Teddy is about a year old and is some sort of interesting mix. We think his long ears and strong interest in scent indicate some hound in there! He is about 50 pounds. Teddy has an old injury to a back leg. His femur is completely missing the top part and there are pieces of the broken bone that can be seen on his X-ray. At first an amputation was planned but since he arrived at the shelter and is being walked, his muscles are building up and he is using his leg.

He also has more veterinary consulting happening this week. Teddy prefers female dogs (probably because he is also still intact) but likes humans of all varieties. He is not big on toys but loves the chance to sniff anywhere he can. Teddy is also very well-housebroken and will be a good houseguest!

These two are at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, but Redwood Pals Rescue coordinates the medical fosters.Dog food and supplies can be provided. Foster families do get first dibs on adopting if they so choose! 

Please contact us at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842 for more information.



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