Dogtown: Start your summer with Sweet Pea

Mid-June is always a slower time for dog adoptions as families are frantically getting through the last weeks of school. We wish the graduates of every grade our congratulations and a happy start to summer!

For those considering a new canine buddy to share some summer fun, now is a great time to come check out the possibilities! There are 27 dogs available for adoption right now and they come in all shapes, sizes, ages and energy levels, from the super happy and energetic younger dogs to the more laid back senior dogs.

One of our senior dogs that just became available for adoption is Sweet Pea, a female Australian Shepherd mix. Sweet Pea was hit by a car and spent some time at the veterinarian when she was first found. She has kept everyone guessing about how old she is! At first everyone thought she was very old, then quite young. Current guess is that she is middle-aged at about eight. Her grey muzzle makes her appear older, but it is just her coloring. Sweet Pea has lots of life left in her yet.

Sweet Pea.

While she has been in the infirmary she has developed quite a fondness for her big neighbor, Bridge. She perks right up when she gets to go out for a walk with him! Sweet Pea is a quiet dog, easy to walk on the leash and very appreciative of attention that comes her way. She has a slender, long frame and seems to have made a good recovery from her injury. Sweet Pea will be thrilled to find a loving home for the second half of her life. Come meet Sweet Pea at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter! The shelter is open Monday through Friday at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. More information is at (707) 840-9132.


Sweet Pea’s neighbor, Bridge, has passed his temperament tests and will be ready for adoption as soon as his cast comes off. Bridge took a dive off an overpass – fell or jumped is unclear – and miraculously only broke a toe! Unfortunately, that injury requires a full leg cast to contain the splint. Beautiful big Bridge seems to have no idea that anything is wrong. He is happy to get out for a walk and would love to play with the other dogs he has met. That baseball bat that he is wearing is a deterrent to safe play however!

He needs a foster home for the remainder of the time that he has to wear the cast, as it is supposed to be kept dry and that is a challenge at the shelter.

A foster would have the first chance at adopting this great dog, who appears to be a possible mix of Border Collie and Anatolian Shepherd. Bridge has nice manners and such a fun personality. The girl dogs love this guy! If you think you might like to foster Bridge, please contact us at [email protected] or call (707) 839-9692.

Redwood Pals Rescue may also be looking for a foster home for one mama dog that just arrived with her 11 fat puppies (!!!) and/or another expectant mama dog that is also a recent arrival.  Please contact us at the email or phone listed above if you would like more information. Thank you!



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