Dogtown: Shelter staff vaxxed up in time for the Blitz and Sheba show

Week 49. I am happy to report that the shelter staff, who are Humboldt County Sheriff’s employees, have all received their second round of COVID vaccinations.

In dog news at the shelter, there has been an influx of Huskies arriving recently. Fortunately one went home to its owner and one was already adopted. Blitz and Sheba are current shelter residents. 

These two were left behind when their people had a relationship breakup. Poor things must have been confused when first one and then the other person disappeared from their lives. 

Fortunately Animal Control was notified and the dogs were brought to the shelter where regular meals and shelter from the rain awaited them. Sheba and Blitz were already spayed and neutered when they came in and quickly went up for adoption when their legal hold was up. 

Soon after that the staff discovered that Blitz, the male, was positive for heartworm. Heartworm is a parasitic infestation, much easier and cheaper to prevent than to treat. Heartworm treatment can cost over $1,000! 

Blitz will have his heartworm treatment covered by the Emergency Medical Fund, thanks to everyone who donated to the Holiday Open House back in December. He is looking for a foster while he goes through his treatment. Sheba was fortunate in testing negative for the heartworms and is available now.

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The dogs are estimated to be five to seven years old. They are pretty typical Huskies – a little aloof, interested in tracking prey such as rodents or felines, and colorfully vocal on occasion. They love to sniff around the play yard and will follow a tossed toy, but have little interest in retrieving. 

Both enjoy petting and tolerate brushing. They love to go for walks and may gift their handler with one of their wild-sounding expressions in anticipation! 

Sheba enjoys a dip in the wading pool when the sun is out.

The two are certainly fond of each other and could live together again if that was in the cards, but they would also do fine in separate new homes. Sheba is available for adoption now. 

Blitz will need two to three months of foster while he goes through his treatment. He will be on very restricted activity during that time with only short potty walks allowed. 

In exchange for fostering him, Blitz will give his foster a gentle companion. Both dogs know sit and take food rewards gently.

For information about adopting Sheba or fostering Blitz, please call the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at (707) 840-9132, Monday through Friday.

For those following our Redwood Pals Rescue fundraiser, please note that we extended the end date to March 7 to accommodate some late raffle and auction entries. Check it out at! 


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