Dogtown: Special dogs seek special homes


I usually write up the adoptable dogs at the county shelter or the dogs we are working with at Redwood Pals Rescue, but sometimes there are dogs in an in-between category. 

These two, Jasper and Rufus, fall into one of those groups. Both of these dogs have already passed their temperament tests, but medical conditions have kept them off the adoptable roll. They are lovely dogs.  Maybe one will tug at your heart!

Rufus is a 2-year-old mixed breed male. He has a lovely sleek sable gray coat. Rufus looks like the picture of health with his playful charm, but he drew the short stick with insect-borne diseases. 

His brother and kennel-mate Forrest, did not catch anything. Rufus is currently being treated with antibiotics for a tick-borne ailment and when that is over, he needs to go through heartworm treatment. 

We would love to find a quiet foster home for Rufus while he undergoes the heartworm treatment. The nature of the treatment is such that the patient needs to stay pretty calm and quiet; the shelter is not the best environment for that.  

Fortunately, Rufus has been content to hang out calmly with his handler. He is very affectionate, walks nicely on the leash and takes treats gently. He will be good quiet company while he goes through his treatment. 

Fosters always get first dibs on the dog that they have fostered, but are not obligated in any way. We expect Rufus to need about a two month long foster period.

Jasper is another friendly dog looking for a special person to help him out. Jasper, a 3-year-old cattle dog mix, has a rare condition called megaesophagus. Just like it sounds, the condition is an enlarged esophagus, which results in some difficulty moving food down to the stomach. Fortunately for Jasper, staff and volunteers have really done their homework on this condition. 

Jasper even has his own beautiful handmade feeding station to help keep him in the right position for eating!


He is doing very well and he is such a lovely dog, we would really like to find a home where he can continue to thrive and just be a regular dog. He will repay his special person with a lot of love and affection! Jasper is very gentle and is an easy walker. 

He enjoys chasing the ball in the playpen and shows a friendly interest in other dogs. He loves to roll on his back and get belly rubs. The person who gives this sweet boy a chance will be richly rewarded with a great companion.

For more information on these two, you can email [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842. The dogs are at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and you can see them there at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville, Monday through Friday.

If you would like to help these two but can’t adopt or foster, consider a donation to the shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund (EMF) administered through the non-profit Friends for Life Animal Rescue. Donations accepted at the shelter (tell them you saw it here!) or call (707 ) 840-9132 for other options. Thank you!


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